I had a pretty good day today. It was sunny, so I wore a new skirt (I bought it last year but never wore it until today given the fact that right after I bought it, there was crappy weather). It’s quite nice. It’s light, almost lime-ish green with a black print. It’s really nice, it was on sale at an outlet store when I bought it. So I wore it, because yesterday was gorgeous and I felt really overdressed because it was just so nice and sunshiney and warm and wonderful. And today was pretty nice, sunshiney, warm and wonderful… So I wore a skirt and people kept on commenting on it. Like my dad. Apparently wearing a skirt means that the boys will know that I have legs… Which, I’m pretty sure the boys can figure that out by the fact that I wear (gasp) two shoes! I thought it was hilarious. Since, you know, I think Clay realizes that I have two legs. And most people would assume that I have have legs, given the fact that they can see the fact that I wear two shoes and therefore, two legs! Oh. My. God. Men are going to know I have feet. And ankles. And legs. It’s the 14th century all over again. No showing ankles now. Or wrists. I should go get fitted for a corset and get a 8″ waist. And start wearing petticoats and long white lacy gloves. Right now.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

Today was my last day of classes for chemistry and biology! My chem prof got a standing ovation at the end – because he’s a) awesome, b) really entertaining and lets us read geeky comics in class and c) let us out an hour early. I know, we’re all easily pleased. J and I went after chem to go get food. I bought a chocolate bun that had so much chocolate that I thought I was going to have issues with so much sugar. Yay for a working pancreas! My biology prof also got a standing ovation. And he’s also awesome and I would honestly, in the future, actively look for a course that he teaches to take, if I can. Granted, he actually taught rather than doing review. Plus, apparently he’s going to be away the entire week before the exam… Because he’s got a free trip to Amsterdam and ‘to hell with us’. Yeah… Despite that, he’s still an awesome prof. And talked to us all about skin today. Not even kidding – integument unit. In one day. Oh joy. But the best thing we learned today in class: you have the same amount of hair as a chimp. Not even joking. And I bet you don’t believe it. Plus, my prof answered some silly questions in regards to shaving and waxing. Very educational.

What did you do today? What’s something interesting that you’ve learned recently?

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  1. Well today.. so far I’ve woken up and eaten breakfast lol.

    Something interesting I’ve learned recently.. Approx. 1 in 250 people have developmental prosopagnosia. Which is genetic face blindness. (You can acquire it through brain injury as well). Thats a LOT of people.. and most have no clue that they have it.. because they’ve never known any different.

    Lol at your dad. He does come out with some comments doesn’t he? lol

    Aw my last undergraduate lectures are this week. My last seminar was last week and it was so sad in a way. Im suprised we’re finishing the same week actually.. but you’ll have your exams quite soon yeah? They give us an easter break of about 4 weeks and then my exams start 21st may.. so a little while to revise 🙂

  2. hey Michelle =)

    I thought school was over for you guys already? ’cause the 6th was my last day. And wow… [REMOVED] must be really different because I can’t imagine anyone giving any of my profs a standing ovation. Even last week, it was my last lecture for one of my classes, one or two people started clapping to show appreciation for the prof… about 5 other people joined in and the applause died within a few seconds ’cause no one else clapped. They were all too busy packing up their bags. It was kind of awkward…

    Hmm… what did i do today? i ran errands and studied for my exam tomorrow. The best part of today was having sushi lunch with my dad. =D

    Something I’ve learned recently: It doesn’t matter how much I sleep, I still get tired really easily. Sleep and I are best friends, but don’t worry, you’re also up there on my list of friends. haha…

    Edited by Michelle – removed school name.

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