This is part 1 of my aquarium adventures! Only because I took an absurd amount of photos (well over 300 photos and 3 videos!) and I managed to whittled down the number that I wanted to share to 22 and that still felt like a lot to me for one post, so I figured since it was an even number of photos, I’d show off 11 photos now and 11 photos later.

I went for a small day trip to the Vancouver Aquarium with my sister. It was World Oceans Week and there was a special discount of 10% off admissions for wearing blue. When we walked in, we got our photo taken and could choose to buy the souvenir photo later (the problem is, standing in front of a blue scree while wearing blue is that part of me disappeared…).

Vancouver Aquarium entrance. The aquarium is located inside of Stanley Park, there was concession stands outside (and inside) of the aquarium, as well as someone making balloon animals. This beautiful structure is the focal piece of the fountain in front of the entrance.

There are tanks and tanks full of different fish. They tend to keep groups of fish together that aren’t going to eat one another (for obvious reasons). These bright blue fish are ones that are commonly found in pet stores, but they’re just so charming (and bright!).

These dull and glum looking fish are piranhas. I expected them to have mouthfuls of visible teeth or something! According to the sign next to their tank, piranhas are unlikely to kill their prey. Instead, they’ll pick out bits and pieces of them (like fins, parts of tails).

A parrot in an aquarium? The aquarium has a whole section dedicated to fish (and animals) of the Amazon. This pretty bird preened itself in front of an audience of young kids that were catcalling to it to try to get it to talk.

I nearly missed this one until I was looking up because a leaf fell near my head. This is a sloth! I’m not sure if it was three or five toed, but it’s a sloth nonetheless. It was very sleepy-looking.

Caiman crocodile… My, what big teeth you have…

Sea urchins (the balls of spikes) – what not a lot of people know is that they’re actually closely related to sea stars/star fish, sea cucumbers and brittle stars. They’re fully capable of moving, albeit at a slow place. The fish in the tank with them are an endangered species – I wish I could remember their name! The sign stated that the fish only exist naturally in one small part in the Indian Ocean, I believe. It used to be that people would capture up to a million of them every year for selling for people’s aquariums at home. The babies of the fish that are bred from this species (at the aquarium I went to yesterday) are sent to other aquariums with fish breeding programs to help conserve the species.

Sea dragon with some very awesome camouflage.

Sea horses that are tangled up together – they had a little game of tug-a-war with their tails!

Hey look, I found Nemo, Merlin and Dory, all in one tank together!

The underside of a Sunflower Starfish! They can grow up to a metre in diametre and are pretty vicious predators. This one was about 60cm in diametre, so getting up there in size! I love all the little arms that they have.

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  1. I was by the aquarium the same day you were! I was with Everett, helping him with engagement photos. We took some at the old bear displays, at the orca scuplture and with some ice cream from the concession stand.
    The guy making balloons was crazy talented. And his cow suit? Ohhh man. So many lols.

    1. Ahh, too awesome! 😀 I saw a bride and groom while I was on the bus near the rose garden, but the bride did not look comfortable *at all* in her big white poofy dress, since it was pretty warm out, direct sun and all.

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