Life has gotten a little bit better since my last post (thank goodness). My working situation has changed a little bit. As of Monday, I will no longer be working as the receptionist (yay!) as they’ve finally hired someone (after having the position vacant for, I was told, a few months – and a few very temporary temps later). I’m going to be working amongst different departments very, very, very soon! Once the new receptionist gets settled in and I help her with getting to know the programs and whatnot. I’m going to get to move (!) into a shared office (my own space, finally!). They’re even going to reprogram the phone so that my name will show up via the caller id (at least within the company’s phone network), but I’ll have my own direct line. Ohhh, ahhh. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m kind of going to be having two supervisors at that point, once I get settled into both departments. Two supervisors, two job descriptions, two titles.

Needless to say, I’ve been told that being able to write “Customer Service Representative” on a resume is a good thing. Or something like that.

I did do a lot of shopping with my family this weekend. We’re not candidates for Extreme Couponing (we just can’t do it the same way that people in the USA can with coupon stacking and double-coupon days – such things do not exist in Canada beyond coupon-stacking at one store: London Drugs), but we did fairly decent… I’m the one in the family that looks up all the deals now and have Canadian coupon websites bookmarked (there are a few sites that are pretty awesome, they mail coupons free of charge because they’re all manufacturer coupons). So we got a lot of toiletries at about half-off everything. Then there was a trip to the Greyhound station to pick up my bus tickets (going on a trip soonish!) and a trip to Michaels – they were having an additional 40% off lowest marked prices of clearance beading goods. And I actually contained myself – I bought 10 sets of filigree clasps (so cute with a floral design) and two strands of rainbow glass beads… So pretty, they definitely remind me of the AB coating found on Swarovski crystals. I should really take photos…

My sister D and I went to Value Village again this weekend (I swear, it’s becoming a weekly trip now). She had a 25% off coupon and a stamp card that still needs to be filled. We dropped off a bag of pants that J was donating, which led to another stamp (they do 1 stamp per $5 spent or per 1 grocery bag filled with donated goods). D got a gorgeous scarf with a stain that was easily cleaned by hand with a little soap and water, I got a teal-turquoise-ish and chocolate brown dress. No good books to be had, but her coupon was expiring today so we just wanted to see what was good to be had there. The dress is super cute, and has a bit of a flair at the bottom. It’s even work appropriate (!) which is always good. I’ve discovered that despite my surplus of dresses that I have, not all of them are particularly work appropriate (especially not the ones that are too low cut or too short).

And just so this entire thing wasn’t just a wall of text…

Here’s the dress mentioned in my blog post from May 28th:

And the dress that I mentioned buying today….

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  1. My mom is a coupon freak. I mean she isn’t as good as the ppl on the show, and as she says she doesnt want to be either lol.but she gets some good deals. it really sucks that in canada you can’t get the doubles & stacking and such!

    i really want to start going to the thrift shops again. I totally hardly ever get to go anymore.

    I hope you like your new position :0

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