Picture this scene.

It’s about 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, let us say that it just happens to be January 9th, 2010. Michelle and her family decided to go shopping (gah, more shopping?!) and they ended up at a high-priced store. So while Michelle is seeing how a particular Burberry coat looks on her (didn’t buy it – it cost more than how much I paid for tuition for an entire term), her sister J picks up a neckwarmer/scarflet/I-don’t-know-the-technical-name-for-it*

J: Hey, what do you think of this?
M: [putting uber-expensive coat back onto the hanger] … Is that fox fur?**
J: What? Of course not!
M: [reaches for the object to check the label and reads] Genuine Fox Fur from Canada…
J: %&#&!&%$(#*
M: What did you think it was?
J: Uhh, thought it was fake.
M: [holds up price tag] Not at $480!

* Pretty sure, thinking back now, that it was a stole (which is technically different from a scarf).

** For some weird reason, I can identify fur when it’s no longer on the animal. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

My sister was disgusted at that point and went to look at other things. Our stay in the store did not last very long after this incident where she was horrified at having touched a fur object. Me, on the other hand, while thinking it was sad, also did marvel (a little) at how soft it was. (Please don’t throw red paint at me, the only ‘fur’ object I have that is wearable is a fake, vintage tiger-print jacket that I got as a gift from a family relative – 100% polyester. Other furry items would be my stuffed animals, but those are made from synthetic materials.)

Just a few questions for today:

  1. What are your thoughts on wearing fake fur/real fur?
  2. How about for clothing items that were made before people really began to realize the impact it had on populations of species? Or items that have been in a family for a few generations and gets passed down?

Hope everyone had a lovely Saturday!

3 Responses

  1. I had a fur jacket given to me when a family friend moved and couldn’t take it with her. It was a fox and while it was super soft, it REALLY grossed me out to wear it. I mean, I don’t think animals should be killed just for their fur, but if they are already dead, then what does it matter? But ew. I don’t care if someone else wants to wear it, but on me, it made my skin crawl. :shudder:

  2. I don’t wear real fur, and I don’t think I ever wore fake either for that matter, but I still donĀ“t think animals should be killed for selfish reasons…. if it’s like a family old thing, I’d keep it but I don’t think I’d feel comfortable using it

  3. I have a leather jacket that was my great grandmothers so it’s pretty old but other than that no. And I wouldn’t purposely by such things

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