People have told me that working in customer service is a thankless job and it really is. The only calls I get are people who are wondering where their order is, why it wasn’t correct according their paper work, why is their order late? The only calls I get from people who are nice are people who are trying to sell things to me over the phone. Do I need a new printer and toner? No, thank you! Are people at this company interested in a time share cabin up on a mountain? They might be, but I’m saying no regardless.

It’s kind of miserable working in customer service. All people do is yell at me (for things beyond my control, for things that I know nothing about). And in return, I try to take it all in stride. After all, when people call in a frenzy, they’re not at their best. They’re not polite or remembering their manners like their parents had taught them. But at the same time, seeing how people treat others, even when they’re in a panic, is an interesting way of gauging how their true colours are. The time in the day when I can just enter orders or check orders is when I’m at my most relaxed, because I don’t need to talk to other people and I’m just doing my own thing (which is the best for me).

I have social interaction skills, it’s just hard to say anything when people are interrupting you and yelling at you for things that occurred before you started working there. On a side now, my email is finally set up properly and I have a fancy little signature for work that tells people who I am, that I work in Customer Service and what the numbers are for the company and faxes (along with a hyperlink to the website, yay. It almost makes me feeling professional.). My coworkers have been great though, as usual. All of them have been super nice and patient with me (and thank me when I catch mistakes!). It’s always nice to feel appreciated.

Monday (23rd) was Victoria Day, which is a statutory holiday. I went into the city with my sister because she had to work for a little bit. After, we went out for lunch and hit a few thrift stores (Salvation Army had 50% off everything in store). Despite our best efforts, we only bought books (at the first store we went to). I got a hard cover copy of Sarah Dessen’s Along for the Ride and a Heartland book that I was missing from the series (it ended up being $0.99 for the hard cover and $0.18 for the paperback Heartland book). Clothes were ridiculously picked over and there was no decent Pyrex to be found (and nor were there any Kenner Blythes, although I always look anyways!).

I did go with my other sister again today (to Value Village this week) (she wanted to look for t-shirts to turn into t-shirt yarn [it sounds weird, but she cuts it into strips and then crochets it all together, she wants to make a round living room rug for our other sister]) and I got a cute dress ($4.99) – no picture right now because it needs to go through the wash first. But it’s cute, hooded and has front pockets. My sister thought it was a shirt at first, but it’s pretty long and would look good over leggings because it completely covers my butt (always important! because leggings are not pants!). I also went through my wardrobe today and decided on getting rid of more than half of all my clothes. Now I know what I actually need (jeans, pants) and what I really don’t need more of (mostly underwear, because I have enough for over a month without wearing the same thing twice). And for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of dresses or fishnet stockings, I have a lot of them (dresses on hangers… and stockings that are still in the packaging – and when did I get red fishnets?!). I’ve decided to fix that and, at the very least, wear dresses more often. I really shouldn’t have so many dresses (bought in the last year or so) if I’m not going to at least wear them, right?

I hope everyone had an excellent and hopefully stress-free week!

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  1. Hahaha I remember when you showed me that “leggings are not pants” website. I absolutely can’t stand when girls wear leggings with shirts, or dresses that are too short to be called dresses at all. If it covers my butt, it’s all good. I love dresses, though I don’t have all that many and I’m actually itching to buy some more. And skirts. ;D

    I’m amazed that you are such a patient person. 🙂 I don’t think I have fantastic social skills but doing a degree in communication has left me more confident than I was before. I still think I’d hate to work with people after all the group work we’ve done…

  2. I worked for the Vancouver Province once (worst job of my life). I had to do door to door sales to two types of neighbourhoods

    a)Rich snobs who think the newspaper is too good for them with multi million dollar houses
    b) People in poor neighbourhoods who cannot afford it

    People are no more polite in person. They tell you to fuck off, they threaten to kill you, threaten to set their dog on you, and one psycho lady even ripped her husbands cheque for a newspaper subscription in half. I told the boss about the lady who ripped the cheque and apparently I was supposed to coerce her into allowing her husband to buy it. Oh and it was commission only so your are trained to be pushy. Totally not me.

    Needless to say I quit after a month.

    Jobs like yours and my old one remind me why I dislike 90% of all strangers

  3. Everyone complains, and I’m dreading because my job will be entry level and most are dealing with customers. I think I’ll be pretty good with customers. From the sounds of it, you seem pretty controlled with dealing with them too. Of course, it’s annoying and not needed but hey it’s the job. =/

    Leggings or the new jeggings. I remember when I absolutely hated them! I wear them in the winter timeI love wearing dresses! I normally wear those long shirts (That cover my behind!)with leggings.

    I love dresses, but I hate the looks I get sometimes. Like in school, Why are you all dressed up? I don’t know, I woke up andd decided jeans and a t-shirt were boring. It’s like people are criticizing me. Lol, but say they were extrememly short and clevage showing then nobody would ask me. They’d be like *whisper* She’s a slut.

  4. I can only imagine working in customer service. only imagine. I used to help out at kohls but we didn’t have to many irate people thank goodness!

    I love thrift shops omg. of course I used to work at the salvation army and i got lots of goodies. I also used to work at goodwill. I need to get out and go to them soon, been quite sometime since i went out and about to them!

    hope all is well

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