The Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion & Northern House

Yesterday I headed out to Vancouver with my two sisters. D really wanted to go to the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion and when we arrived, there were two line-ups. We weren’t aware of this at first, so we lined up in the first line that we say (which snaked around the entire block and rounded […]

Saturday Minor Highlights

Completely swelling free today. Completely. Michelle rejoiced. Ate solid food today! (Ham and eggs with noodles for lunch at a small restaurant while my parents ate other food – the kitchen screwed up my order and they wanted to know if I’d take my order with udon noodles instead, I said no and they made […]

Boxing Day

Boxing Day was… shabby. A.K.A. the day where I spent literally all day with the family. I’m not used to spending literally 24 hours a day with nearly everyone in my family. Even when I was working in the summer and technically in the same building with my mom, we didn’t spend every single moment […]