I made the decision to go private on Twitter recently (erm, today) after getting more and more spammy-types of accounts following me and then sending me messages with spammy-type of messages. I could go through and block ’em all, but it was just so much easier to just go private all in one fell swoop […]

Monday happenings

I went shopping with my mom and sisters… Light purple heart hoodie with zipper and front pockets – $9.99 from $16.99 Brown hoodie with applique owl and embroidered and appliqued leaves over the front pocket – $5.99 from $10.99 Navy blue ‘boyfriend cardigan’ (says so right on the tag!) – $11.99 from $20.99 Two super-soft […]

My stick babies are still alive!

Apparently internet research is a win! I’ve managed to keep my two stick insects alive so far! I learned that since they were clearly new hatchlings (since they were attached to their egg casings still), they can take a little while to actually start to eat. They were fairly active and now they’ve slowed down […]