I went shopping with my mom and sisters…

Bought new clothes (and face towels)

Light purple heart hoodie with zipper and front pockets – $9.99 from $16.99
Brown hoodie with applique owl and embroidered and appliqued leaves over the front pocket – $5.99 from $10.99
Navy blue ‘boyfriend cardigan’ (says so right on the tag!) – $11.99 from $20.99
Two super-soft face towels – $0.99 from $5.99

Aside from the face towels, guess who has new school-friendly clothes? I avoid wearing office-work clothes to school, only because hoodies are just so much more comfortable when sitting in uncomfortable lecture hall chairs and writing on a cramped surface.

Out of curiosity, who’s idea was it to market a ‘boyfriend cardigan’? Because I’m 100% sure that I have never seen my boyfriend wearing a cardigan like that. Also, the store had pink ‘boyfriend cardigans’ available. And it wasn’t a pink that would be flattering on anyone.

Waiting for a clean home I also went to gather more food for my stick insects. The problem with the fact that they now eat is that they also produce an absurd amount of frass (poop). Although I suppose it is to be expected, they are rather small insects right now. Also, did you know that a single caterpillar can produce up to a pound of frass in a week? Crazy, no? But I cleaned out their jar today, gave them some more food and they’ve haven’t touched the new food at all (it was even from the same plant, same area, everything!). Granted, they seem more active when I’m sleeping (silly bugs) so I guess I should expect to see nibbles in the morning instead of right now.

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  1. Yeeh, a lot of places sell Boyfriend Jeans/Pants and shirts and stuff … I think the “Boyfriend” label means it’s big and comfy, like if you borrow your boyfriend’s clothes to wear … More of an adjective??? I have no idea, that’s just my theory. Personally I think it’s silly too, haha.

  2. That owl hoodie is absolutely adorable and I want it, lol!

    I guess those cardigans are for women who want to buy clothes for and dress their men. That’s definitely what it sounds like it’s marketing to.

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