I want sunshine!

It’s been busy in my world lately, what with a midterm (Wednesday), working on a few new patterns for Chelle-Chelle.com (and I’m working on opening up a pattern store!), life in general. So it’s felt busy, at least to me! It’s still winter and the weather’s been utter crap. There was snow. And then there […]

Double rainbows and other fun things

Hello world, I’ve missed you. Have you missed me? Lately I’ve been busy with schoolwork – I finished up a paper on the impact of global warming on polar bears for Monday night (for my plants biology class, of all things) and I just finished up a quick and almost painless assignment on the Western […]

Hello, Monday! :)

Biology final was today… Goodbye, Cell Biology I! I had my final for that course today, it was at 8:30am and it consisted of short answer, multiple choice and one essay problem (the entire test was 100 marks, the essay alone was 30 marks!). I actually felt pretty good about that final, it wasn’t unfair […]