Hello world, I’ve missed you. Have you missed me?

Lately I’ve been busy with schoolwork – I finished up a paper on the impact of global warming on polar bears for Monday night (for my plants biology class, of all things) and I just finished up a quick and almost painless assignment on the Western red cedar tree (which is not a true cedar tree, awesome, eh?). It’d been really nice out lately, except for a small period of it raining hard yesterday, but it’s been really nice out. Warm, sunny, chirping little birds… and I’ve been indoors and working on essays. But I did take a photo of this yesterday (actually, many photos, but I decided not to spam everyone today, aren’t I nice?):

Double rainbow!

It’s a double rainbow! The second one has the colours going in the opposite direction (red on the inside and purple on the outside). The darker band between the two rainbows is called Alexander’s band (I did a project on rainbows, and light refraction, for my Physics 11 class).

So school’s basically been consuming my time… I wore green today – not because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but because the hoodie was clean, hah. One of my friends was like “Ohemgee, you remembered! I thought you weren’t going to wear green today!” and I was like “Oh, is it St. Patrick’s Day already?” Yay for not actually remembering the excuse of a day to get drunk. That being said, my plants biology prof was suggesting names and locations of pubs and bars that serve green beer today. I did not take down notes on that (unlike some people).

It just really feels like spring now, you know? There’s daffodils in my front yard, there’s so much darn sunshine and there’s a light breeze… And then I open my window and all I can hear is construction. On-freaking-going construction. And then I’m reminded, again, that I’ve been living near to a construction site for the better part of about 2 years now. They had delays due to weather issues (lots of rain – but seriously, British Columbia is a temperate rainforest) and then also due to the cost of construction materials… And then once they were finished constructing their original project, they tore an adjacent building to rebuild that. They’re supposed to be done construction by 2011. Or “around there”. Sigh. I hate it, I really do. Trucks going by makes my room shake. =/ Pretty sure that is not a good sign!

Anyways… I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Wednesday (and St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re into that sort of thing). Cheers!

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  1. lol i forgot it was st. patricks day until i was eating out last night and this whole family had on green and i was like wtf? and i’m like oh duhhh .. lol it might just be sad i forgot because i am irish !!

    cool picture 🙂

  2. St Patrick’s day… I was at home on the day! I had no idea green beer existed. Pretty amusing that some people took notes on that. I remembered the next day. 😐

    I love the rainbow; it’s a gorgeous picture. 🙂

    2011 is a long way away. It sounds nasty. I remember the people next door to us building the house, but I don’t think I was too bothered by it.

  3. Wow that is absolutely gorgeous! I’m so glad that the weather is finally getting nicer! Time to break out the spring wardrobe and the better mood! 🙂

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