Biology final was today…
Goodbye, Cell Biology I! I had my final for that course today, it was at 8:30am and it consisted of short answer, multiple choice and one essay problem (the entire test was 100 marks, the essay alone was 30 marks!). I actually felt pretty good about that final, it wasn’t unfair at all. All the questions were related to examples that my professor had gone over in class, it was all incredibly fair and no surprises. I was done at 9:45am and spent the time looking over my answers and my essay (made some corrections – I discovered that I have issues with spelling, heh) and then handed it in at 10:15am – I was not the first person to leave (I hate being the first person to leave during an exam!)

Thanks for the money, honey
Also, I got an awesome surprise in the mail today! A cheque for just over $300. It’s from a company (company? organization?) called USC which is kind of like a educational savings plan (so like RESP) and it’s basically the contribution that I get from my parents, besides not having to pay for rent or food or utilities while I’m going to school/living at home. Sadly, it doesn’t even cover one of my classes (each class is more than $500), but it’s a nice addition to my bank account… right before I go and take out an unhealthy portion of it for tuition for next term. Now to restrain myself from buying yarn, beads, clothes, books and dolls. I’ll be very good this holiday season. =)

Listening to music at the train station…
In other news… I saw a guy playing the guitar near the entrance to the train station this morning when I was on my way home. Please note, it’s quite cold outside right now where I live. It snowed a bit and everything is still quite frosty. He was playing a song and had a hat out for change and also a sign that said ‘If you have a better job for me, please ask for a resume’. That’s when I noticed that he had a clear folder with printed resumes, as well as shoes that looked brand new, and impeccably clean looking clothes. So guessing someone who’s down on their luck (who still has access to soap and laundry machines and printer ink), but he was fairly good at playing the guitar!

Headache and a bit of down time. =)
Anyways, I’m currently at home and bumming around for the day. My head hurts (I kept on waking up last night with a pretty bad headache, magically did not have a headache during my final though or perhaps I just didn’t notice it because I was focused on the final), so I’m not starting to studying for my psychology final until tomorrow (my psych final is next Monday). There’s a recipe for peanut butter cookies on the side of the jar of peanut butter that I have (yum!) and I was considering making them, but the recipe only has three ingredients: peanut butter, sugar and egg. I’ve made peanut butter cookies before, but I can’t find the recipe that I’ve used before (actually included flour for one thing!) so I’m a little ‘eh’ about making cookies that only have three ingredients. It’s odd. That being said, the shortbread recipe I use only has three ingredients too (but those are so damn delicious…) might make the peanut butter cookies anyways though!

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