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Not a whole lot to report, but I have the urge to just blog right now. Granted, I’m starting this at 11:57pm on Friday… So yay, this’ll be posted on Saturday, of course. I don’t know why I felt the need to mention that, I mean, you can tell by the date stamp when this […]

Oh hello, December

Over the last two weeks, I wrote a lab final (parasitology) and three papers (one zoogeography; two parasitology). A total of a lot of stress (lab final) and a lot of research (7, 1 and 10 for the total number of references that I used for my papers) and several thousand words typed in 12-point […]

Patience is not my middle name.

I’ve been doing my pre-course readings and my weekly readings (and don’t let me forget about extra readings for Friday in-class activities because my professor thinks that a lecture hall of 100+ students is a great class size for in-class activities where we have to make up our own groups – clearly he’s had too […]