I’ve been doing my pre-course readings and my weekly readings (and don’t let me forget about extra readings for Friday in-class activities because my professor thinks that a lecture hall of 100+ students is a great class size for in-class activities where we have to make up our own groups – clearly he’s had too much beer [1. He’s Scottish and has mentioned three times now that the beer in the UK is much better than the beer in North America. I’m sure he’s telling the truth (in fact, things I’ve previously learned in a biology class tells me that he’s telling the truth, but my current class is neither about beer or UK vs. North America]) from photographs that I take of a textbook that is in reserve in one of the newer libraries. Why photographs? Well, for starters it’s a lot faster than using a scanner and it’s cheaper than using the photocopier. Oh, and I also ordered the textbook (which is why I don’t feel bad about taking photographs of the pages that I need to read) but it hasn’t arrived yet. And I still need to do the readings. Therefore I take photographs of the pages that I need to read. So, you know, I don’t fail this course. Yay.

So I’m waiting for that textbook to come in the mail. Earth Through Time, 9th edition – in case anyone cares.

I also need to head into the post office today because a certain Purolator driver decided to just shove the ‘we missed you’ card through my mail slot instead of ringing the door bell first to see if anyone was home (for the record, I was). Bleh. But in other awesome news, I got mail today (!) that wasn’t bills (!!). I got a pair of handpainted eyechips (it’s a Blythe/doll thing) and my ‘winnings’ from the pin code I entered in a few weeks ago and won a free bottle of laundry detergent (voucher/coupon for one). All in all, a decent mail day. I’m hoping my textbook arrives tomorrow though, I hate reading off of a screen. (I’d borrow the library’s copy for a longer period of time, but it’s only allowed out for 2 hours at a time!)

In other news… I’m heading back to volunteering tomorrow (yay!). I was really bad about going to volunteering during the summer due to having plans (since I had changed my volunteering day to Sundays) and then I got sick in August/early September. That really sucked. But I’ll be back tomorrow on Fridays, which is a day that I really love. Sunday is a lot more low-key, but most of my duties as a volunteer is to help out during the church service (local churches have people come in to run services for those in the same faith at the long term care facility where I volunteer). I’m not religious at all, yet now I know all the words to a bunch of church songs. I also know the hand actions to the song “Jesus Loves Me”. Fridays is a lot more upbeat. There’s card games or active games and it ends off with a movie or ‘social hour’/happy hour with watching seniors drinking alcohol and thinking that they’re ten beers in when it’s really only one or two (the limit is two drinks per person). So hilarious.

And with that, I should really get back to studying. I also need to print out lecture notes. And organize things.

Also, I need to write a paper on species distribution and I need to focus on one species. If you were to write a paper about an animal and where it is found, what animal would that be? I need ideas!

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  1. Haha that’s a good idea to do reading from photos if you’ve got a good enough camera. Whatever works, right? I probably wouldn’t have thought of that and I take pictures of everything!! I hope your book comes soon!

    Enjoy your volunteering! 🙂

  2. I went through the first 2 tests of business law without a book and somehow made an A! I didn’t really have a camera back then, but well.. that would have been the way to go for sure

    cant believe you were home and they didn’t bother to see so they could leave the package! I have had that happen to me a few times as well!

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