Over the last two weeks, I wrote a lab final (parasitology) and three papers (one zoogeography; two parasitology). A total of a lot of stress (lab final) and a lot of research (7, 1 and 10 for the total number of references that I used for my papers) and several thousand words typed in 12-point words, double-spaced with full citations.

My 3 topics of choice for my papers:

  1. Ursus maritimus (polar bear) and Ursus arctos (brown bear) and their sister species relationship (evolution, phylogeography) – 25% of my grade.
  2. Schistosoma mansoni and influences on a mollusc intermediate host – potentially 27.5% of my grade.
  3. Trophically transmitted parasites and the methods of transmission – potentially 27.5% of my grade.

I have a week off between end of lectures and the beginning of finals. Whoot… I’m so incredibly excited for studying, haha. I’m spending all next week (at least, Monday to Friday) at school. Got a whole study schedule planned. I have a paper to write as a final for parasitology. More writing about all the gross things that you can get from drinking water and cuisine?! Yay! I didn’t really how much I’d like parasitology until after having taking the course. It’s fascinating what’s in our food and we don’t even realize. Or what kind of normal ‘hosts’ that the nastier parasites have. So cool to learn about the world still.

And with that, I’ll be online minimally (sort of) until I’m done with finals… Until then, have a lovely December!


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