I still have things to buy for the term. The main thing is a physics lab manual that I need to get this week as my labs start on Tuesday. Luckily my chemistry lab isn’t until next week, so I’m kind of saved from having a late Thursday this week. I’m also attempting to find […]

Accents and all.

I love my professors for the term! They all have marvelous accents that are just wonderful to listen to. My physics prof is from England and has a lovely soft-spoken British accent. My math prof (a sub, sadly) is from Scotland and I am very much in love with the accent. My English prof also […]

101 in 1001 & it’s 2008!

If you noticed that my site has been a little out of order in the last few days, I’ve fixed the problems that were going on. If you hadn’t noticed that my site was a little out of order in the last few days then just ignore this and just nod and smile. Pretend you […]