Green with envy?

It has been a horrific week this week. Failed a chem midterm (haven’t gotten it back yet, but I’m pretty sure that I did because I’m just that confident in my failing capabilities), passed my bio midterm (!!!) and still have a nice small mountain of work to do for next week. So today, after […]


Laura, Phoenix Wright is the main character of the (first three) game(s) where you play the character and go around collecting evidence in order to get a not guilty verdict for your client. But as far as I can tell for the first four cases that I’ve done (the game has 5 cases in total), […]

Shopping at Michaels

I should stop spending money. I went to Michaels today with my sister and we bought got stuff, but in our defense, there was a huge sale going on. Everything that we got was either 50 or 40% off. I bought two packages of silver crimp tubes because I’m running out, I also bought a […]