@ Rachael, we have our moments, not as often as I’d like them though. But a reality tv show? Well, never heard that in reference to myself before, thanks.

I woke at around 11am. I went to bed somewhere been 4 and 5am. Yeah, stupid of me, I realize this. I was up until around 3am rereading Acheron (love, love, love) and then the extra time was texting the boy. He was having a bad day yesterday (residual anger directed towards his friends) but didn’t take it out on me. In fact, it was rather nice conversation that we had.

M: You’ve got to learn to put a positive spin on things, it’ll do wonders.
C: That’s what I have you for.
M: What, to put a positive spin and outlook on everything?
C: That and to be a ray of sunshine in my life.

So today I got up, went to the bank and got my book updated (hello money for tuition!) and then went to the library to pick up a hold (Prey by Lurlene McDaniel) and borrowed a few cds as well (Ryan Adams, Hedley). I went to the craft store and bought beads on sale, beads on clearance and two small cross-stitching kits ($1.50 each!) on clearance (one is Goofy and the other is Bambi).

Now I’m listening to music on my laptop with headphones because my father (oh yes, my father) is listening to techno. And it’s not even good techno, it’s incredibly horrible and my ears are almost about to start bleeding because my laptop can’t turn the volume up high enough to go over the techno. Ughhhhhh.

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  1. Aww, it’s been a while since I played with beads and made jewellery. When I was a lot younger it was a great hobby of mine, and I’d make bags and earrings and mobile phone charms and whatnot. The hobby’s kind of grown out, I stay at my computer getting fat. Haha.

    I just love how my library has CDs. I feel bad burning them, but oh well. It’s my only source of music I like. And I absolutely hate, in the car, when my parents listen to shitty talkback radio on loud. The quality is nuts, and I can’t turn up my mp3 so as not to hurt my ears at the same time so as not to hear the stupid radio. =(

  2. From what youve mentioned of your dad..I cant see him listening to techno. I like techno!
    yay for school money. now i need some plzkthx

  3. I’m trying to visualize my father listening to techno, and I get this very disturbed feeling. I don’t blame you for your headphones. I can’t remember the last time I listened to music on my headphones – it’s always in my car these days, and the quality kind of sucks in there. I’ll have to take some “music time” for myself one of these days…

  4. Your dad listening to techno?
    But you’re dad is so serious. Techno seems like a genre he would avoid.
    Whatever floats his boat I guess.
    Introduce him to Daft Punk and when he decides to listen to techno, it won’t be so bad anymore =)

  5. Bad techno…Sounds painful. Reminds me of how my bad will play Opera and try to sing along. It’s like really bad karaoke except worse.

  6. LOL yeah, my mom probably just bought it as an excuse (:
    Did you read Prey yet? :O I read SO many books by Lurlene McDaniel (such a great author) but never read that one yet ):

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