C: I’m going over to the store, do you want anything?
M: World peace?
C: Too expensive.
M: Umm… A BSc in Nursing?
C: A little cheaper, but still too expensive.
M: Skittles? Or is that too expensive too?
C: Nah, I can get those for you.
M: Thank you…
C: You’re welcome, dear.

Since I have been (madly) trying to get all my work done so that everything will be done by Friday at 4:30pm, I haven’t had a lot of time to just talk to people at work. I mean, yeah, I get work done, but I used to be able to actually take breaks throughout the day so I’m not constantly staring at a computer. So today, D came into the room and he was really tired (he has two jobs, 1 full time and 1 part time) and he just started giving me a shoulder massage while he was waiting for his documents to print after I pressed print. Which was really nice. He invited me to go paintballing with the guys again, but it’s dependent on if his wife gives him permission to go this weekend (I laughed so hard when he said that he had to ask his wife for permission first – I just thought it was hilarious).

But I did (eventually) manage to get a short break. It happened at about fifteen minutes before it was time for me to punch out, so I ended up spending the last fifteen minutes with Clay. He kept on poking me so I ended up grabbing his hand, which ended in him hugging me from behind and kissing the top of my head. Before he let me go, he asked me if I was busy on Sunday or Monday. I’m not, as far as I know, so I said that I wasn’t and he said that he was going to rearrange his shifts at his other job to have a day off in order to spend the day with me. Which I’m quite pleased about. I’m attempting not to get all worked up and happy over it though, in case it doesn’t pan out. It ended off with me turning around and going “It’s about fucking time,” before I went up on tip toes and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

M: You look tired… or upset.
C: Or both.
M: Well, you just got up like an hour ago, so that takes care of you being tired… But why upset?
C: It’s your last week.
M: Okay… We’ve all known this for a while.
C: Yeah, but it’s your last week.
M: It’ll motivate you to make more time for me, silly.
C: But I won’t to get to see you every day anymore.
M: So you’re going to miss little ol’ me?
C: I miss you already.
M: I’m standing right here.
C: Yeah, but I still miss you.

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  1. There’s 14 pounds in a stone.. So i’m 148 pounds which is scary lol.

    Aww he sounds so sweet, its horrible once you’re used to seeing someone every day to then go to not seeing them that often, but I hope you get you’re day together and have a good time 🙂

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