I just spent the last hour reading 18th century poetry (2 poems) and 1 essay written in the 18th century about the plight of impoverished Irish people in that time period. And the entire essay is satire. That coupled with the fact that the language is entirely different and the fact that this is all very confusing makes for a very confused Michelle. Oh, and I also have to look forward to the fact that I’ll be taking an English lit course next term that revolves around literature written before the 18th century. Go me.

Anyways, second week of term one is nearly complete. It’s been going pretty well so far. I’ve been able to keep up-to-date on all my notes and readings so far (so proud of myself). This weekend I’m rewriting (read: transferring) all my human bio course notes into a coiled notebook to keep it all a bit neat. I ran out of looseleaf paper today and ended up writing notes on mitochondria on the back of my English assignment (just the sheet she handed out, not the one with my answers).

Oh, and just to show how lame I am, I wrote a poem that’s somewhat (really) related to Clay and posted it up onto deviantART, forgetting that he knows the url to my DA account. But… Luckily he hasn’t read it. I think. If he has, he hasn’t commented on it. Which is a good thing, correct? But for those who are curious, click here to read it.

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  1. OHHH Clay knows your DA? You must tell me if he comments on it. It was very beautiful.

    Was Drowning in the 18th century the name of the poem or just a blog title? Good work keeping up with it all; I never could. Phail.

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