I just realized that yesterday (on 9-11), I blogged at 9:11pm. Coincidence? Yes, actually, it was. So here I am, eating my seafood wrap (the only seafood it contains is imitation crab meat aka white fish and shrimp – and it definitely does not contain enough seafood to warrent being called a ‘seafood wrap’) and fruit snacks (that actually taste like fruit and are actually made with real fruit juice – I can accept that these are called ‘fruit snacks’, but my seafood wrap? Not so much).

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a marvelous Friday September 12 2008. I woke up in tears because I had a nightmare. That was good fun. In it, I was being chased and a friend of mine kept on trying to kill me in my own house. Was it a little craazy? Yeah, I suppose it was. Did I freak out slightly in this dream? Umm… Yes, yes I did. I ended up waking up because my alarm went off at 5:55am (it goes off at 5:55am, 6:00am and 6:05am – sometimes it takes me a while to wake up). My face was wet, I realized that I had been crying. So I just went all sniffley and just kind of cocooned myself in my bed until my last alarm went off at 6:05am, at which point I had calmed down significantly enough to actually want to get out of bed. But umm.. yeah. That was my morning.

English lit was fine today, I love my professor, she’s such a nice woman. And… yeah. The keeners that I sitting around outside of my psychology lecture are going on and on about psychology and how “fascinating” it is and wouldn’t it be awesome if they all became psychatrists and psychologists? Oh, first years. They’ll learn soon enough. It’s generally about 90% of people who go into sciences want to become a doctor and 90% of the people going through arts want to be a lawyer. And I’m sure my guessed statistics are pretty damn close to the truth as well.

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