M: I was at K’s tonight for about three hours and part of the conversation we had was about us. And I couldn’t even qualify this as a relationship anymore because we see each other maybe once a month, if that at all.
C: I know. I’m sorry… I really need to make you a higher priority. I really feel bad.
M: Yes, you do. [pause] And yes, you should.

The above part was from the texts that went sent each other. He ended up calling me and we talked and I think I fell asleep sometime around 3:30am, maybe. I wake up and there’s a text on my phone telling me that I really ought to go to sleep earlier. Ahh well.

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  1. The good thing is you are not blind and you wont say “Well its okay honey, maybe next time.”
    Seriously. Good job there. Im sorry hes a douchebag someitmes.

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