So I had my biology (anatomy & physiology) midterm today. 9 pages, 19 questions, 50 marks. Exciting, no? The first question was a bit of a surprise since I wasn’t expecting a basic membrane transport question. But I got one, yay. So easy marks. So was drawing the fluid mosaic model (I threw in peripheral proteins, channel proteins, gated channel proteins, cholesterol and a trans-membrane protein – I’m very exciting I know). So that was okay, I got out around 4:30 (we had until 5pm to do the midterm). Caught the bus a few minutes after arriving at the bus stop (got a seat).

But other than that, my day was pretty okay. I’m listening to Westlife, going to go upstairs soon to rewatch tonight’s episode of Grey’s and then take a shower.

Today’s question: What’s the most entertaining text message that you sent to someone today? (For those without text messaging on their mobile plans – what’s the most entertaining instant message you sent to someone today?)

Mine, sent to Clay:

… You do realize how absurd it is that you will answer a text where I call you Honeybunches and not one where I call you by your name, right?

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