This is going to sound incredibly horrible (and it is kind of horrible) but… I was having a conversation with someone tonight over msn and she was coming up with random reasons as to why Clay doesn’t attempt to make more time for me as he currently does (and the current amount of time that he’s making for me? Something kind of like zero.) . Here are some of the suggestions that she can up with:

  1. He’s gay (umm… don’t think so)
  2. He’s married (again, don’t think so)
  3. He’s seeing someone else (that is one that I don’t want to entertain)
  4. He just don’t like me (possible, I guess)
  5. I’m too annoying (possible, but I hope doubtful)
  6. He hates the fact that I like The Ataris (rotfl)

So yeah, that’s what she could come up with. Add to the list if you want. The more humourous, the more bonus points you get. The more serious and more ‘that could possibly be true’ it is, the more demerits you get.

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  1. Ooh, interesting.

    In response to Cal: he thinks YOU’RE from Mars.

    Perhaps he thinks you smell (I just watched a video on Youtube about ‘stink people’??).
    In his free time, instead of hanging out with you, he could possibly be SCARED of you. Ohoo.
    He’s a lazy fat ass – you did say he wasn’t attempting to make more time for you.

    Maybe he doesn’t have a watch? You could buy him one as a *hint*.

    But then again, he might be too.. *dumb* to get it. Maybe he’s too *dumb* to realise he’s not spending enough time with you?

    No points for me, I guess. Lack of creativity here 😛

    By the way, I’ve moved to ! Please change my link 🙂

  2. – He committed a crime he’s too ashamed of to tell you about and the sentence was house arrest. He can only go to work and home and back.
    – Freaky Friday. Clay is now in his brother’s body.
    – The thought police will take him away if you are seen with him because of the impure thoughts he has about you.
    – Amnesia triggered by the phrase “hanging out” and any of it’s variations.
    – There’s a huge invisible blizzard that’s been raging on for months in between where he lives and where you live. It’s invisible to everyone but him
    – He’s Spiderman. And you’re MJ. It’s just too dangerous.

  3. -Maybe he has turned into a zombie like the sean of the dead film
    -Hasn’t realised anything is wrong (most guys do this!)
    All i can think of sorry chick!

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