C: 🙁
M: Why the sad face?
C: I really want to see you.
M: If memory serves, you had an entire week off where you could have seen me but didn’t.

Anyways, onto the point list for All the reasons why not entry (if you want to add anything, just comment on that entry – not this entry – and your points will get updated).

Cal – 1pt
Georgina – 4pts
Kelsey – 7pts (1 extra for the Spiderman reference)
Nichola – 2pts

And today was a fun day. Went to the airport to drop off the mother and the sister. My dad and I went shopping (for some odd reason, my dad paid for the fishnet stockings that I wanted, plus a new wallet) for random stuff and groceries (yum, soy milk!). He wants to get me goldfish, except we don’t have an aquarium (he suggested putting them into a jam jar. Ugh.)

2 Responses

  1. He has a horrid memory, and can’t remember much about you and how much time he’s spent with you. Or maybe he doesn’t have a memory?
    He could be blind, maybe. Partially or fully blind.

    JAM JAR ! LOL. That’s fricking hilarious. You could just get a simple fish bowl I guess? I’ve never owned a fish =3

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