@ Nichole – Back in September I’d get a cupcake like once a week from J (he’s in my English lit and psychology classes). He likes baking. But then during midterms my weekly cupcakes just upped and disappeared on me but since he’s done midterms now, he’s back to baking, frosting and sprinkling cupcakes. Hence why I got a cupcake. I’m pretty sure the only reason wasn’t because I looked like crap this morning. Pretty sure.

Anyways, domains aren’t up yet. Still in that “Waiting for approval” status. I personally think that it’s a load of BS, but that’s just me. I’d really like to know what needs to be “approved”. Because until they go from “Waiting for approval” to “Ready” (and are actually registered), I can’t change the DNS information and that also means I can’t use them. And I would like to. Use them, that is.

Been studying today for my biology lab midterm tomorrow morning at 10:50am. That’s right. Not 10:30am, not 11:00am – but 10:50am. Why? Because the other half of the lab doing the midterm goes from 10:00am to 10:44am. So therefore mine will go from 10:50am to whatever time it is 44 minutes after. I’m kind of stoked for it because, in the past, lab midterms aren’t too tricky. They’re always specimens and slides and such that I have seen before. So it shouldn’t be too, too bad. I’m hoping, anyways.

Questions for today:
1. What’s the most unexpected thing that happened to you today?
2. What’s the last text message that you sent to someone?

My answers:
1. Getting cupcake’d. That was so good though…
2. “Could you please tell me why he keeps on asking about me when he knows that I don’t like him?” – sent to Clay about A from work.

2 Responses

  1. 1. Today was pretty boring. So I’d probably say “finding an awesome sparkly top hat in the band room.” =P
    2. I don’t have texting, so the last person I called was Hannah, my best friend.

  2. 10:50am is such a weird start time. I wish you the best of luck with your midterm. Hopefully you’ll do fine. 🙂

    Cupcakes rock. I have cupcakes right now, but honestly I’m over the whole icing thing, so I’m leaving them for Alyssa and Ryan to enjoy.

    And now to answer your questions (I turned on my cell phone for the second question, heh):

    1) Napping on the sofa with my head in my husband’s lap. He usually doesn’t cuddle too much with me until later at night, so it was nice to have some unexpected cuddle time!

    2) “You sure? What would you like for dinner?” – sent to my friend about coming over for dinner tonight.

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