Good morning, everyone! It’s a grey and gloomy Wednesday morning! At least in the part of British Columbia where I am (and that weather account is probably accurate for most of British Columbia and the northern part of Washington State, for you American readers who just aren’t sure where BC is – I’m joking, sorry if I’m not terribly funny at 8:41am).

Anyways… I went to bed at around 11pm-ish (it was sometime before midnight, I had to finish watching an episode of The Tudors first) and then I woke at around 5am and just couldn’t go back to sleep (under six hours of sleep, bah). So… What’s a girl to do when she’s lying in bed and scrounging up the blankets off the floor (because she managed to kick them off despite how cold it is…) besides text the only person that she figured would be awake at that time. The boyfriend.

Of coures, it turns out that today (of all days), Clay decided to go to bed early because he was really, really, really from work last night. Of course, me being just woken-up wasn’t really caring so I texted him. Five minutes later, there was a replying asking me why I was awake. So I complained about being awake and how my feet were cold (I had to look back at outbox on my phone to figure out exactly what I had said, haha) and then he sympathized a little – but I noticed that he was taking an awful long time with the replys so I asked him if I woke him up. Then the text was “Sort of… But it’s okay.” Of course, telling me something is “okay” when I’m incredibly bored and have nothing better to do than to chat with him is like waving a red flag in front of a bull in a china shop (I would assume; has anyone ever actually done that before? I know I haven’t. I’ve never even seen a bull in a china shop!). So I kept him up until about 6:30am, which is when my mom was awake and I was already eating breakfast so I decided I should put the boy out of his misery and tell him to go to sleep. Ahh well. I’ve stayed up to chat with him before, so it’s only fair that he gets a little sleep deprieved because of me too. Then again, I don’t have to drive anywhere when I wake up, or operate heavy machinery. Whoopsies… Good thing he drinks copious amounts of energy drinks?

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  1. bless him lol

    hope you get a better nights sleep tonight, I went to bed at around 1am last night and woke up at 2pm 😐

    Its now twenty to midnight and I have a feeling it’ll be a long time before I’m asleep!

  2. Haha, actually I wasn’t entirely sure of where British Columbia is. ^_^; But now I know! =P I’m bad with the states, how can I know the regions of Canada as well? xD
    I hope you get a better night’s sleep tonight!
    Ah, I miss the days when I had a boyfriend to talk to at obscure hours of the night. It’s nice that you had someone to keep you company (in a manner of sorts. =)
    You should find a bull and take it to a china shop. Then we can discover the truth of the matter. =P

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