So last night, I fell asleep at around midnight. Which is all awesome because I haven’t gone to sleep prior to midnight in a while (well, the last time I did, I was woken up by a text from Clay and I ended up complaining about it to him, but I wasn’t too annoyed). However, sleep deprived Michelle should not be allowed possession of her cell phone when she’s sleep deprived and going to be sending sleep deprived text messages. You know why? Because when I’m sleep deprived and in possession of my cell phone and I send sleep deprived text messages, I end up sending text messages that (when I read them in the morning) it sounds like I’m propositioning the boyfriend for sex. Of course I fell asleep sometime after this possibly-propositioning-for-sex text message so… Gah. I shall go and write an email to clarify what I meant. Hopefully I won’t make it sound worse in my only slighty sleep deprived state.

Hope you’re all having a happy Thursday!

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  1. *yoink* my phone now.

    Hahah yes, I’m very sure that sleep deprivation can distort the mind. Never happened to me but I bet I’d do a lot of stupid things. xDD

    Go write that email now! 😛 and I’ll give your phone back ^^

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