I briefly woke up today at around 2am. Why? Because I shifted in my sleep and managed to hit my head against the wall in my room. Good job for me, right? Luckily, there was someone awake to keep me company (as always). Of course, he was playing his new video game (Fable 2, or whatever). So he was explaining to me what his video game was about, and I was complaining about my newly developed headache cause by my head making contact with my wall. He told me to stop being so accident prone, to which I shot back that he should stop playing video games. Then there was a moment where he went “… How hard did you hit your head?” At which point, I decided that my headache had gone away enough that I could go to sleep, so I told him to go have fun with his video game and he said something along the lines of “sure, why not” and told me to go have a good night and to stop hitting myself.

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  1. Haha, aww. Hitting one’s head always sucks. I hope you weren’t injured too badly!
    Yeah, my close guy friend Mike is currently involved with Fable 2. I guess it seems interesting. *shrug* =P

  2. I’ve been living in this house for six weeks and there’s four steps next to my room, I always fall on the last one, so we’re all accident prone lol

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