I swear, today I said like.. maybe 50 or so words. And phrases like “thank you”, “excuse me” and “you’re welcome” are included with that. So I started eating candy. While studying. While being depressed and eating candy and studying. All at the same time. I’m such an awesome multi-tasker sometimes.

M: I didn’t really speak much today at all. And I just miss interaction with people beyond msn, blogs and txting.
C: Wow… I’m kinda shocked…
M: About which part?
C: That you’re tired of technology…
M: Not tired of technology, tired of only communicating with people through written word rather than verbal communication.
C: I see… So what do you want for your birthday?
M: World peace… My own island… A pony…
C: eBay’s fresh out of world peace. Anything else?
M: A jackpot-winning lotto ticket?

If your birthday was tomorrow, what kind of presents would you want?
Personally, I’m hoping to get an indigo hippopotamus with white and lavender spots. Or a medical dictionary. Or a Harvard University Medical Degree, with my name on it. Or the keys to a Mini Cooper. Realistically I’m hoping for chocolate, handcuffs and headbands. (I was joking, you don’t need to get your panties in a twist. Of course, I didn’t say which part I was joking about so… Draw your own conclusions!)

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  1. I would want a lovely car, a positive bank balance and some really nice jewellery.

    What I am getting is a Links of London bracelet and probably nothing else

  2. Hahahahahaha you make me laugh!

    I submitted my domain for Google and it’s happily zero. 😛

    HIPPOS.. hehehehehe. I don’t know what I’d want. Something radical and different 🙂 world peace would indeed be nice *sighh*

    Sometimes I prefer verbal communication too. I rejected James’s phone call this morning because I thought he was waking me up to go on MSN. I am an idiot.

  3. We all know you want the handcuffs, baby.

    My birthday is close enough and I want a new skillet. Yes.. a new skillet. I want one that doesn’t have that nonstick shit on it because it scratches off when I stir. I want a nice, silvery skillet. If they wanted to splurge, a matching pot would be awesome.

  4. If only wishes came true, eh? My money is that you’re kidding about the headbands. 😉 And who doesn’t want a hippopotamus? They’re nifty. =D

    If tomorrow was my birthday, I’d be asking for…actually, in all honesty I’d ask for a kitten. My family actually has several cats, but none of them are MINE, you know? And they all live outside — I want a kitty all my own to cuddle with and huggle. =) But I know I can’t have that until I move out (my dad’s not a cat fan, so he compromises and lets us keep the ones outside).

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