I agreed to (because I’m absolutely crazy and off my rocker) an 8am meeting time with the absolutely insane morning people that make up the small group for an English lit assignment (worth like… 0.005% – literally) that we need to present (on Wednesday). So 8am.. Meaning that I got up at 5am. This morning. I went to bed at like.. midnight. Because I forgot, until midnight, that I needed to be up at 5am. I get there and guess what – half the group forgot. So I headed to the classroom where I have English, fully knowing that it’d be empty, and took a nap for an hour. I got woken up J poking me in the leg with his crutches. I say never again waking up at 5am this week because I’m fully aware that I will wake up at 5am in the coming weeks – hello finals? Oh crap.

The novel’s not going anywhere fast. May put it off except for writing madly between psychology and biology and then just getting it done sometime this week since the 30th is on Sunday (lovely…). But yeah, it’s going well. Ish. It’s not moving, my current point of view character is a miserable depressing little twit, but it’s going well-ish in a not-moving kind of way.

Anyways… Verity is back up. Go join, it has survived the Great Hacking of September 2008. My username there is Michelle (huh, fancy that) and it’d be awesome if you joined.

Also, since I’m in the mood to plug things: /listing, /reviews and chelle-chelle.com.

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  1. I hate when people forget to meet you when they promised you they would. *sigh*.

    Good luck with your novel, and exams of course.

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