I can’t stand my family (the people regularly in this house), my sister (the one who ‘surprised’ me by showing up for the week), some friends from high school, some friends from university and the boyfriend at the moment. The holidays are getting to me and it’s been just under two weeks now with a whole week left to go before I get back into a more routine atmosphere where I can focus on something and not have the most horrid sleeping schedule ever.

Also, I’d like to thank the person who operates the fucking snow plow at 3am in the fucking morning near my house because my room is closest to the area being plowed and therefore I hear it. Every single little scrap it does, I hear. At 3am.

And I’ve been baking a lot lately. I don’t particularly want to know how many cupcakes (with frosting!) I’ve consumed since Christmas day because chances are – I’m not going to like that number very much at all. I’ve also done a few dozen cookies (more sugar cookies, some oatmeal with raisin, chocolate chip – nothing too extravagant).

I’m tired. I’m emotional. I’m being yelled at on a daily basis and I’m really just sick and tired of this. I love my family – I do. But sometimes they’re just a little bit difficult to deal with. I have gotten very accustomed to not spending too much time with the people who live in the same house as me and now suddenly everyone’s always here because everyone has time off until the 5th (except for the one sister that doesn’t drive me insane, damn it). So now instead of sitting down at dinner with 2 other people, it’s 4 others. Instead of getting to wait up whenever the hell I want, like I normally do during my winter holidays, there’s 4 other people always wanting to know why I’m still in bed at 8am. I’m sorry, I thought I was supposed to be on holiday. Not on whatever sleep schedule you’re all on.

And they’re always wanting to know what I’m doing and who I’m talking to online and who I’m texting. Oh, and my sister? The one who came back for a week? She was going through the things in my room while I was there (goodness knows why). She started going through tampons (… thankfully in plastic wrapping or else I’d probably chuck them all up rather than use them) and my razors and she tried to open wrapped gifts that I haven’t given to people yet because she just “wanted to see what I got for them” since I hadn’t gotten her anything for Christmas (maybe should have given me a bit more warning next time, eh?). And everyone’s just bitching at me to do more ‘family’ things with them and lately if I’m not baking, I’m at a mall (I’m learning to hate shopping, thanks family) or I’m watching Planet Earth because I kind of want to finish watching the entire series before going back to school (for those who haven’t seen it: Planet Earth is amazing and I’m currently on disc 3 of 5 – I still love Blue Planet best though!). And really, baking, shopping and learning isn’t enough for them.

I think I’m going to go back into my room and just hide away until the 5th and I’ll emerge and head out to school and go back to ignoring everyone that I’m biologically related to. At least then I’ll get some peace and quiet and won’t have people pawing through things that are supposed to remain clean or going through my books or asking me why I’m always so damn busy that I can’t spend time with them.

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  1. Yeah, I think everyone in my family is annoyed at each other. My mom keeps on scolding me for little things, and she’s just so overall negative that I just want to avoid her sometimes. =(

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