I just reread all that I wrote last night and realized that I sound like an incredibly ungrateful spoiled brat. Which I’m not. I sincerely hope. So to start things off on a good note today… I pulled out a crochet hook and some yarn and started on my lace shawl that I’m making for myself (my sister made for herself and I’m borrowing her pattern book so I can make one for myself – in a different colour). Also watched some more Planet Earth today. Didn’t curse at all at my sister today. Even though while I was folding laundry, she took it upon herself to go “Ohh, I haven’t seen this shirt yet, is it new?” and then she takes my clothes to go try on. I could have told her that it wasn’t going to fit, in fact I did. But does she listen? No. She’s 5″ taller than me and is not the same size as me, she’s not going to fit my t-shirts or hoodies, I’m sorry she’s not 5’1″ anymore…? But I like my clothing to not be stretched out.

… Right, I wanted to sound positive today. I’m kind of failing at that, I guess?

Chelle-Chelle.com has a new layout – the header image changes whenever you refresh the page (there’s 7 different images in total).

I’ve reread The Little Prince today while I was just huddled in my bed underneath three different blankets because my room’s so cold. It was nice, such a cute book. And no matter how many times I reread it, I still love the story and the little illustrations. I’m going to reread Twilight later because I’m just in the mood for some Edward Cullen. Maybe watch another episode of Planet Earth too.

I still want a holiday from my holiday though, it’d be nice…

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