In regards to my previous post about how my account at school wasn’t showing the payment that I made on the 29th: today my account showed that I was owing my school $0.00 and so I decided to check my payment history with my school. They processed the bank transfer (i.e. my school received the money) on January 2, 2009. Which is 3 business days after I had authorized the transfer from my bank account to my school’s. So my school is willing to take the money on the 2nd but they won’t credit my account with the payment until the 5th? I mean, I know sometimes things get held up and all, but you’d think the systems would be synchronized enough that it would have shown the payment earlier. But I won’t bitch and complain about that – my school received the money, all my classes are properly registered with me in them, it’s all good.

Well… Almost. Somehow my school has more snow than my front yard. Normally when it’s snowing where I live, it’s raining at school. There’s just normally warmer weather. But… umm… There’s approximately 3 feet of snow (if you’re measuring it where it hasn’t had more snow piled on or whatnot) in my back yard. At school? There’s close to 4 feet of untouched snow. It’s practically higher than me! But I won’t complain about that. What I will complain about is the drainage at school. Puddles that could masquerade as oceans and no one would know the difference. Boots that are oh-so-wonderfully waterproof but it doesn’t matter because snow can still get in, along with dirty puddle water. Tis the season, I suppose?

Oh, and my psychology prof this term is rather engaging and makes sexually-driven jokes to keep us on track (and my prof isn’t a guy either, shocker) and my English lit prof is the most charming man that I have ever met. Plus he has a New Zealand accent. And he’s charming. Oh, so very charming. He personally introduced himself to everyone as they walked in the door and shook hands and everything.

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  1. At high school, everything used to flood in a brown sea of muck. We’d all bring gumboots and walk in the water to mock the crappiness of the school 😀

    Lucky for the snow. It was 41 degrees celsius here. Boiiiiiiling.

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