Emotional whiplash, no matter what time of the day it is, kind of hurts. Especially when you’ve been up for the majority of the day and then you don’t end up getting to sleep until around 4am? Yeah… That really bites. And flip-flopping on a decision is kind of pain. But we worked things out. And we’ve pretty much decided to acknowledge the fact that we love one anothe and that’s all fine and dandy, but he’s still antsy and thinks it’s too early, so it’s just going to be the elephant in the room, so to speak.

And have you noticed that my sites are back up? My host has some issues last night and ended up restoring the server with a backup. To my hostees, if you’ve noticed that you’re potentially missing a post or two or some comments, that’s why.

My second part of my book order came. The one on the resin jewelry and that’s basically an awesome how-to for beginners? Yeah, that came yesterday. So both parts of my Chapters order beat out my camera! Which is kind of disappointing since the camera was ordered well in advanced of the books. But I just went to the Canada Post website and entered in the tracking number for my camera (meep!) which came all the way from Mississauga, ON and as of 08:49 today, it was processed out of a local post office and the status was “Item out for delivery”. Which means that I’m getting my camera today (yay!!!!). Granted, I hope my dad had the decency to remember to stay home today to sign for it since they can’t just drop it into the mailbox (yeah… that’d hurt if they did that). And yes, I mispelt ‘Mississauga’ about a million times before I finally decided to just copy and paste it.

And before I forget… I have a new hostee who just got her site up and running! Her name happens to be Michelle, which is pretty awesome and her site is called Jagged Perfection.

EEEEK! I noticed that my dad was online (msn.. I had him blocked, shhh!!) and so I unblocked him and asked if my camera was there and he said yes and that I could open it when I got home (erm… of course I’m going to open it when I get home, it’s my camera! And I love mail!).

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  1. Burk, I noticed the downtime! At least you’re back.

    Hope things are okay between you two.

    Nooooooooooo I thought the camera was coming!!

    Haha your dad uses MSN. Hilarious. The thought of any of my parents being more social through MSN is just.. Hhahhaha.

  2. Um, why is he feeling antsy? He’s the one who said those three words in the first place, ne? In any case, glad you two worked things out and hopefully things will get better 🙂

    Hahaha, I’d totally block my parents too if they knew more about the Internet past email and perverted old men in chatrooms.

  3. Haha, absolutely, this is only my second server change, but it feels like I’ve moved sooooo many times.

    Freaked at the uni things. Totally freaked. Thanks for the luck though, I’ll need it. x)

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