Thrifting, couponing and dolly meet

I’ve gotten over the shock of having short hair now (amazing what a week does!) and I have gotten used to it to seeing it short. It still feels weird because I keep reaching for hair that’s just not there anymore, guess I’m just used to having long, long hair! But it’s a nice change […]

That time of year…

And I don’t mean the winter holidays (although I so wish I was talking about that!). In just under a week, I’ll be writing my first final exam for the term (for my ecology course). At this point, I’m usually in some kind of weird head space, just trying to go over everything and remember […]

And hey look, I’m still alive!

What have I been up to since my last final (Monday night)? Clearly not blogging…. I’ve done some baking (but, unfortunately, the proof of that has mysteriously disappeared…), some thrift store shopping (yesterday, with J), some reflection (on life – wow, I make myself sound old…), some playing of the Nintendo DS (Pokemon Platinum…) and […]