Writing a partial essay on sickle-cell anemia and infectious mononucleosis (the “kissing disease”) makes me very glad that I don’t have sickle-cell anemia or infectious mononucleosis. You know… not having clogged blood vessels or blood cells break apart is always in my best interests for survival and all. You know me, huge fan of survival and breathing and living and all that jazz.

But besides doing my lab report today (which is done, after 4 pages! I have 1.5 pages worth of calculations alone, meep!), I helped clean the kitchen today, as well as hemmed some pants for my mom and I made cookies. Also, spent an hour arguing with my dad about if I’m going to get my wisdom teeth extracted. I haven’t even had x-rays done yet! I’m not about to make an appointment with a dentist to get my teeth taken out before I get my x-rays done and a dentist informs me that there will be, without a doubt, detrimental health issues caused by the direction that my wisdom teeth are growing in. Because right now they’re not causing any problems and it doesn’t hurt or anything like that. And I’m not about to just have a person take out my teeth without having x-rays done first. I really don’t see why my dad doesn’t see that it’s necessary to have the x-rays done first before commiting to having oral surgery done. Gee, dad, in the event that the roots of one tooth are interacting with another tooth, I would really appreciate it if the dentist performing said oral surgery on me was aware of the face before they start attempting to remove something from me. Just a thought.

So what have you been up to this weekend? Do anything more exciting than me? (Although that’s not very difficult to do!)

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  1. I’m lucky that I’m immune to mononucleosis now that I’ve already had it in high school. Your oral surgoun WILL take an x-ray of your teeth before they do the surgery. Unless all of your wisdom teeth are already in and they just have to pull them. :/ I get mine out in March. Lucky for me I’m going to be out for the whole thing.

  2. I have anemia but I never bothered to be tested to see if it’s sickle cell because I hate hospitals. My mom has sickle cell though…

    Get the xrays. Trust me. Surgery is a last resort. Only get it IF you have too.

  3. Haha I had to get teeth pulled when I had braces, to allow the top wisdom teeth to grow in. But the bottom ones are going to squish everything and need to get pulled when they grow out U_U

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