My parents do this once a year. They’ll find the photos that they think are the ‘best’ and ‘well represent the family’ and then send them off to about two dozen uncles, aunts and cousins. Then there’s the ‘family friends’ (who are really just their friends and some of which are people that I have never met before since I’ve been out of diapers!) and the adult offspring of said family friends.

Some of the photos are fine. Like… family gathered around the table for someone’s birthday or a nice photo of us all in a public garden with a million flowers. Like in early 2008, they sent out a photo of me in my graduation cap and gown from when I graduated high school in 2007, that was fine. But every year they send out photos without asking us first and we (we being my sisters and I) aren’t informed about this ahead of time or given a chance to look through the photos until after the photos are emailed out!

So they did this tonight. I mean, it’s once a year, usually later in February so I wasn’t expecting it yet. I go through the photos and most of them are fine. The only issues I have with some of them is that I’m not smiling or have my head turned or something, but I can live with those. Random strangers and family members that I never see probably wouldn’t care either way.

However, my sister starts looking though the photos and then she sees one that she takes offense to and starts wanting to know why my parents didn’t take it out. The rest of the family looks great in the photo. Her? She’s wearing ratty old pjs in the background. You can tell that it’s her. Plus the pjs (top and bottom) are thinned and see-through in the photo. And there’s a light directly behind her in the photograph.

Yeah… Someone’s not pleased and my parents are not going to be hearing the end of this for a while!

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  1. I’d be upset as well if that happened to me.
    If i was to sent out yearly photos, I’d always make sure there was no mishaps and maybe even fork out the cash for a photographer to take the family photo.

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