In reference to comments made in my last entry:

The politically correct way of referring to an ‘old folks home’ is actually ‘long term care home’ or ‘long term care facility’. This is because not everyone who lives there would be considered a senior, in legal terms. There are residents at the place where I volunteer that are fairly young (late 30s to early 50s).

@ Heather – The email that you sent me ended up in my junk mail folder (yay for high security settings, thanks gmail!) but I’ve rescued it and I’ll be replying to it shortly.

Anyways… Today’s been interesting. Less drama (thank goodness…). Went to bed at around 2:30am, got up at 9:30am (was surprisingly awake). Headed out with the family, I bought some baking supplies (cocoa powder for chocolate cupcakes in the future and red sprinkles) and I also bought some embroidery thread (in red, light green, light pink, light yellow and black) and a small spool of ribbon for my Valentine’s Day card making endeavors. I’m hoping it’ll turn out well (crossing my fingers here!). I also went to two different bookstores in an attempt to find the latest Sherrilyn Kenyon book (Dream Warrior) but no such luck. Then again, it only came out on Monday so I suppose I should be patient and wait for them to get it in stock before jumping at the bit and ordering it online… Suppose being the keyword!

Umm… To further wrap up the saga of how my friends ruined their relationship (erm.. yeah, that). I got a message on Facebook. J went to N’s dorm room in an attempt to get her iPod back (the only thing of hers that he currently has that she wants back – either she doesn’t remember everything that he has or it’s just the most expensive). He either wasn’t there or he’s avoiding her. If I have to sit through an entire lecture listening to her whine and complain about how he’s an ass, I’m going to smack him for the torture that she puts me through. I think that’s fair, right?

Back to the marvels of studying psychology and reviewing for English lit!

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  1. Great site you have here! 🙂

    I have never called a Long term care facility a “Old Folks home” before, because you are right A LOT of people are not considered “elderly” there.. I used to volunteer a few years ago at a place called “The Rosewood: Long term care facility” and I was amazed how many people weren’t elderly.

    I keep a very short list of friends and most of them are married so I get to listen to them rant and rave about their marital problems.. isn’t too fun.

  2. Hooray for being politically correct! 😀

    You’ll have to post pictures when you make something with your new thread; I’d love to see what you make!

    And lovely how you get pulled into the drama, huh? ¬_¬

  3. Usually here, at least where I live, an “old folks’ home” is just that; only the elderly are generally taken in. But I understand what you’re saying 🙂

    Good luck with your crafty stuff – I would love to be more into crafts but I really just don’t have the time.

    I have been in a similar situation with my friend and her ex – but it’s been her ex who’s been hassling me, not her. Weirdness and awkwardness ensues, but I tend to try to ignore it.

  4. I’m glad there has been less drama for you. That whole thing was ridiculous. Also, you made me giggle when you said “old folks home.” Here, I think it’s correct to say nursing home or some sort of living facility too.

  5. Aha, yeah, I was curious if it ended up in the junk mail! That happens to me all the time with the most innocent emails. XD

    I love baking. It’s, ironically, such a stress relief for me. Especially cupcakes!

    You must let me know what you think of Dream Warrior once you read it! I’m fully intrigued.

  6. Ahg, I know. It’s the same thing with my facebook.
    I feel ever so guilty right now. ;(
    I just honestly enjoy reading over friend’s. I suppose I’m a creeper? 😛

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