The following conversation snippets occurred this morning during my biology class:

J: I haven’t had sex in four days!
A: I haven’t had sex in a week.
M: I haven’t had sex ever.
A: I’m hungry…
M: For food or for…?

M: Have you read the renal physiology lab yet?
A: No, what are we doing in it?
M: Peeing in a cup every 30 minutes.
A: *blank stare* I can’t do that! I don’t have boy parts!
K: Really? Because we totally thought this entire time that you were a guy…

Ahh, I love my biology lab people. They’re so awesome. And we have great conversations while we’re waiting for other groups to be done with the equipment. And I just have to say, the next four labs that I have to attend are going to go by so damn fast and it’s going to be so sad when we’re done. I mean, I’ve spent hours and hours with these people complaining and going on about the grammar issues in the lab manual and cursing about the equipment that we have to use when it doesn’t work. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to be able to do without them. Although I’m pretty sure that it’s a bit premature that I’m being sad about not having biology lab with this group of people, but I’ve gotten to know them pretty well and for the most part things go well with the entire group. We do plenty of joking around (as evidenced by the conversation snippets) but we do some learning as well… Sort of. Not really… It’s amazing, for sure, that we ever get any work done. Not quite sure why I’m reminiscing of a class that I haven’t ended yet, but I am.

How has your Tuesday been? Do anything exciting today?

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  1. My Tuesday has actually been quite ho hum, but oh well. XD
    And I have a tendency to do the same thing — start missing something before it’s over. It’s always such a melancholy feeling. We must savor the time we have, eh? 😛

  2. Hahah, the funny things that happen with our classmates xD.

    My first kiss was 15 but my first boyfriend was at age 12 :P. We were together for 1 year and 7 months.. and never kissed?! LOL.

  3. Wow, I’d miss it too. Hopefully you still have contact information to keep in touch at least. I guess it’s hard to keep up with people in such a large campus. T^T

  4. Oddly, my Monday was much better then Tuesday. :/

    See, I’m doing the same thing with Berkeley. I don’t move back to Orange County until the end of May, yet I constantly find myself going, “Uhg. I’ll miss this.” and mourning the place I’m living in currently! I thought I was just crazy. Haha.

  5. I love lessons, sometimes the actually learning we do, but moreso the social aspect off seeing these people who are interested in the same things as you but obviously are different. 😀

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