I’ve, umm, change some things around. Pretend you can see me gesturing towards my sidebar for a moment. And then scroll down just a tad. Right between the search bar and my archives, there’s this awesome little new section. I’ve had the plugins for registering and creating new user roles for a while now… I just didn’t get around to utilizing them until, umm, a few days ago. So go and register, if you’d like. If I approve you (yes, there’s an if in front of that), you’ll get to see all the private posts. If I approve you, it doesn’t mean that you can read password protected posts. Right now, the only protected posts are the Awkward Happiness series (because, well, I feel like it?). So go and register. Or not. And if you’d like the password for the protected posts, just drop me a note with a valid email address and I’ll email it to you if I a) know you and b) trust you.

Anyways, I only have a few things to say today:

I got a B on my chemistry midterm! My friend who annoyed me half to death with ‘I didn’t start studying until the day before’ got, I believe it was about 30%? Fail, by any standards. Cue, the waterworks. But I’m quite pleased. And I’ve been enjoying the organic chemistry portion of the course so far. Maybe I just like model sets because they’re so damn fun! (And for $40, I’d better get some sense of enjoyment out of it all.)

… Apparently I only have one thing to say today.

Oh! And thanks for welcoming Clay to my readership. I’m sure he’s quite happy with the warm welcome.

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  1. Woah. 30%. I say fail.. the worst I’ve done in anything is a 40%. For something that actually mattered in the slightest (a maths test.. hah!). But congrats on your B. 😀

    Aho, and welcome to Clay 😀 *waves* James has a read of my blogs.. all the time.. since.. a long time. I don’t mind. But for other “friends” it bothers me. O_o

    I feel like answering your questions from your previous blog:

    1. If you have a blog and a significant other (SO: boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance/fiancee, wife/husband, dog, cat, etc.) do they a) know about your blog and b) do they read it?
    Yes and yes.
    2. If you answered yes (or no!) to either of the above questions, how often do you write about your SO in your blog entries?
    All the time.. even he has his own blog cos I made him get one. xD
    3. How often do you write negative things about your SO in your blog entries?
    I don’t know.. but we fight a lot. And I usually make things seem less dramatic when I blog about it. “We’re cool now”. Haha.
    4. And if your SO knows about and reads your blog, how much control (or voice) do you allow them to have in regards to the amount of censoring in terms of material that you post up about them or your relationship in general?
    He doesn’t care. HAHAHA. He doesn’t mind. 😀

  2. I shall register soon.

    You can email me the password if you like. Emailing is better then I’ll keep the email and stop bothering you for passwords *nod*

    Congrats in Chemistry ^^

  3. I’ll be registering tomorrow 😉 and will ask for the password, but I’m sleepy right now. Midnight madness! -goes crazy-

    Um, well, it sounds harsh but your friend definitely deserved a 30%. So those eyes better be dried by now and she better deal with it. She got what was befitting for a slacker.

  4. I just registered. 🙂

    Congrats on the B! Good job! 😀 It’s cool that you’re having fun in Chem. I hated when I took Chem last year, though that may have come from the teacher (he was terrible). I don’t know. 😛

    And an “EPIC FAIL” for your friend. XD I mean, seriously? A 30%? She deserved that for not putting forth effort.

  5. Congrats on getting a B!! 30%?? She should have started studying a bit earlier. Lol. 😛 I would have helped a lot. Congrats again!!


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