I just realized amidst all the drama that occurs that doesn’t make it to this blog and assorted midterms and studying and cramming truckloads of knowledge of the lymphatic system into my brain (for tomorrow, whoot!) that I’m going to have some issues openly discussing the boyfriend’s birthday gift and what I’m going to get him or make for him or whatever now that he knows the address. I mean, I knew it, but it didn’t openly hit me like a slap in the face until two seconds ago. Those will definitely have to be password protected posts.

Anyways, enough about that.

Next week is going to be hectic. Monday I have a doctor’s appointment, Tuesday I have a quiz, Tuesday and Wednesday is also a job fair at school (I suppose I should finalize my resume a bit then…), Thursday is another quiz, Friday is volunteering (not that it’s hectic, I love volunteering) and then there’s the weekend. I do love weekends. Especially when I’m going to spend time with the always wonderful Clay. Ahh, bliss.

And it’s time to get back to studying. And listening to Dan Savage’s podcast about ‘sexting’, which is apparently sending naked photos of yourself to someone else via cell. I don’t see how ‘photos’ go with ‘text’, but I think that’s besides the point. Apparently it’s pretty big, especially with the younger crowd (read: minors) because they have the means to do so and they can do it. But it’s kiddie porn, so people are getting arrested in the states for it. But, I’ve just got one thing to say… Because, umm, if you’re stupid enough to send said naked photos of yourself to people that you don’t know (the examples that he’s using in his podcast), you’re kind of moronic. Just saying.

Now I’m going back to studying biology.

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  1. It’s called sexting because you *can* add text to it as well. Not that anyone would, but there’s the option of adding a lovely message to go with it.

    Who would be idiotic enough to send shit like that to one another, that’s a whole another matter – I’d like to believe it’s only the kids doing it, but there’s definitely adults doing it as well.

    And sexting someone may lead to wonderful consequences like getting your naked, minor body on MySpace or whatever for everyone to see (because we’re talking about kids here), but everyone has to pay for their stupidity.

  2. I am SOOOOOOOOOO back from New york. Yay.

    Kinda a bummer you will have to have password protected blogs because your S.O. knows about imaginarysunshine now. :/
    I loved biology in school, best of the three sciences. 🙂 x

  3. Sexting sounds dumb to me. I wouldn’t do it. For a start it costs me 30p to send a photo on my phone, so it’s just like being a glamour model without pay. Why bother?? Children are doing it?? Eww.

    We got shown a video about her girl who put her details and revealing pictures of herself on Facebook and then got stalked by this creepy guy. Then he threatened her so she had to give him naked photos of herself. I think they were trying to teach us about the report abuse button.


  4. I heard about sexting while reading the paper. I was like “…. good people are stupid”

    Good luck with presents discussion XD.

  5. *boing* I registered 🙂

    I have a dentist appointment on Saturday.. thanks for reminding me 😀

    Hahahaha sexting. I think that’s weird. I see why you’d send it to your.. significant other.. but you seriously wouldn’t just send it anywhere. Eh. And even then.. why don’t you just strip for someone? Hah.

    About that girl I mentioned in my blog (she could be a boy.. poo). She left this comment http://tinyurl.com/dys6rn – and I’m like.. PPFFFFT, so what, as if I care, you’re just wasting your time and you’re a snobby little tool.

  6. Aah, sexting. We just had a big discussion about this in my Journalism class, since we often talk about issues like these. Apparently it’s becoming a huge problem here. v.V There’s a lot of gray area when it comes to prosecuting it, too, because sometimes it was a joke that got out of hand, or people are doing it on purpose…some girls will send pictures to their boyfriend, but then he decides to send it to his friends, and they send it to other people…. Apparently, one guy at my school thought it would be funny to take a picture of…himself…and send it to some people. o.O
    All in all, it’s absolutely retarded, especially ’cause it’s mostly these stupid little pre-teens around 13-15 years old. >_< EW.

  7. I remember when my family found my website. I was petrified to write a single LETTER, at first. And even still, I’m careful with everything I write.

    I hope your weekend in relaxing, so that you stay sane during your upcoming crazy week! Weekends are definitely, definitely, definitely bliss. Especially when lovely boys are involved!

    Now personal info. Sexting. When I was 15, I was in a severely serious (haha) relationship with a boy who lived in Colorado (me in CA). Somehow or another, sexting occurred a few times. Now that I’m older and out of the relationship, I’m definitely like “wtf”. Dumb, dumb, dumb thing to do. I mean, I did love him, and we honestly missed each other, but it was dangerous.

    I’m sincerely lucky that he’s a generally good guy and kept every photo to himself.

    It is an interesting subject though.

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