@ Anonymous – No, he’s not an online boyfriend. I used the term ‘friends’ very useful when it comes to A and K. They’re the two girls that I just happen to sit with in my class when J’s not around (J’s a much more interesting companion to sit with in class – for starters, he brings me baked goods with heaps and heaps of frosting and sprinkles on it) and they’re also generally friendly enough that I don’t mind chatting with them before class starts. Due to this lose use of the word ‘friend’, they weren’t in the group of friends that I had invited for my birthday (wow, I sound like I’m 8 now) and therefore they didn’t get a chance to meet him. That being said, I don’t really like them enough to have them over as it is. … I think I rambled quite a bit there, so I’m going to stop now and ramble on about other things.

Anyways, I got up super early this morning (6am! On a Thursday! When I normally don’t leave the house until noon!). I went to bed super early last night as well (10pm, on a Wednesday). I wasn’t feeling well (I am actually feeling better this morning though, which is awesome) last night so I went and dosed myself up on night-time cough medication (it stated on the bottle that it ‘may cause drowsiness’ which is kind of the point, I think, considering in the instructions it does say to give yourself at least 8 hours of when you can get uninterrupted sleep). That being said, uninterrupted sleep was not in the cards for me as I kept on waking up during the night because I kept on kicking my blankets (all three of them) off. Really? Darwin would probably roll in his grave and mumble something about survival of the fittest, honestly. So I got up super early (… my alarm went off and I kinda just sat up, took one step over and whacked it with my hand and not five minutes after resting my head back down, my dad comes in, flicks on my lights and tells me to get up). Had a really light breakfast (the thing about coughing is that there’s not a whole lot that I can stand to keep down without wanting to cough it back up – I think that may have been too much information) and then I was on my way to school. Caught the 7am bus and got to school by 8:30am where I sat outside of the biology lab room until 9am where I took the quiz that I missed on Tuesday (have I mentioned lately how much I love my biology TA? Because I do, because he’s absolutely awesome for allowing me to make up the quiz despite the fact that I did tell him that I basically slept in – which is what I did) and that lasted until about 9:30am and now I’m sitting in a library, waiting for my next class (2pm…).

The joys of waiting.

However, I am going to go and grab something to eat later. I’m thinking of either sushi or a slice of pizza, I haven’t decided yet. Probably sushi because I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle a slice of pizza with too much spices in the sauce again (note: the last time I bought a slice of pizza at school, the girl lied about the fact that it wasn’t spicy because it was. In a very non-forgiving to my tastebuds kind of way.). Hmm, sushi…


  1. How many alarms do you set to get yourself up at a certain time each day?
  2. How often do you manage to sleep through the majority of the alarms that you’ve set?
  3. Sushi or pizza? (Why? What type?)

My Answers:

  1. Umm… In total? 4. 1 actual alarm clock, 3 on my cell phone, but I have my phone set on vibrate, so it depends on where my head is whether or not I hear it…
  2. When I’m sick: very often. When I’m not sick: very rarely.
  3. California rolls or Hawaiian

9 Responses

  1. 1. Just one, my ipod dock.
    2. Pretty much never. I let the music play instead of turning it off so I can lie in bed without falling asleep again.
    3. Pizzza. I’ve been craving the kind with artichoke hearts on it that Flying Wedge makes =)

  2. 1. How many alarms do you set to get yourself up at a certain time each day?
    None, my mum wakes me up usualy.
    2. How often do you manage to sleep through the majority of the alarms that you’ve set?
    Not often.
    3. Sushi or pizza? (Why? What type?)
    Pizza because I’ve never had sushi. Mushrooms. 😛


  3. 1. How many alarms do you set to get yourself up at a certain time each day? i usually don’t have to set an alarm..i just get up when david does when i have school
    2. How often do you manage to sleep through the majority of the alarms that you’ve set? I dont think i ever slept through an alarm. back when i was away at school i’d forget to set the alarm or something to that effect, but i always seemed to wake up in just enough time to throw on clothes, grab my stuff and go.
    3. Sushi or pizza? (Why? What type?)
    pizza. and i really don’t even like it lol..um i like the digaorno spicy chicken or the spinach mushroom one they have

  4. 1. I have like 5 but I only use two, and set two. But I set them to go off a few minutes apart in case I don’t hear the first one. I also set the first one across the room so I don’t just roll over and hit it. It forces me to get up because it doesn’t turn off on it’s own. It usually makes me awake, and pulls me out of my warm bed.

    2. I usually don’t sleep through my alarm my problem is getting up turning them off and going “five more minutes…just five more” and then waking up thirty minutes later.

    3.Suishi I like the rolls that don’t have avacado whatever those are called. And for pizza I like pretty much anything with lots and lots of cheese.

  5. 1. I have 4 but normally just use 2 when I need to get up early for something.
    2. One of the clocks I own you can’t sleep though it unless your deaf. the soft volume is loud and the loud is LOUD and it will keep going off until you turn it off. So use it as my backup just in case I do fall back to sleep, where I have to get up and out of bed to turn it off.
    3. Both. Sushi … cucumber roll and avacado roll. (grew up with real sushi now can’t stand it) Pizza… hawaiian or my own pineapple, green peppers and tomatos

  6. Even if he was an ‘online boyfriend’ would it matter? I met my husband through an online friend. We dated online until we met in person. Seriously, it’s not that bad.

    1. I don’t set an alarm.
    2. I just naturally wake up fifteen minutes before I want to get up. Unless I’m really sick.
    3. Pizza, simply because it’s so damn good! I love light sauce with pepperoni, but even better I love a ranch or olive oil base with spinage, ricotta cheese, chicken breast, fresh mushrooms, pizza cheese, and tomato. It’s really yummy.

  7. 1. between 2 and 6. One actual alarm clock, 1-2 on my new cell phone, and 3 on my old cell phone (if I find the charger for it)
    2. Its really rather hard with an average of 5 alarms going off, but if I’m really tired and only have my cellphone alarm on, I can sleep right through it…
    3. Pizza, not fan of raw fish, nor many of the flavorings of sushi. I like Pepperoni, Chicken and bacon bits. Sometimes I just like the pizza without any toppings or cheese, just pizza sauce.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA! @ your last entry. THE GREATEST EVAAAAAAAAR!!!!!

    1. One. I’ll usually get up when it goes off, but if I’m feeling particularly sleepy and I really don’t need to be up at that hour anyway, I’ll get up, turn it off, reset it for an hour later, and go right back to sleep.
    2. Not very often. My current alarm is “Mad Black Machine” by Nightmare; it’s simply impossible to try and sleep through that.
    3. Sushi! I love Japanese food! Particularly salmon sashimi, YUM!

  9. My hubby wakes me up during the week, and on weekends I just wake up whenever as he gets up with the kids. He has to reset the alarm every morning like 5x before he gets up, he gets up so early.

    I always sleep through 2 or 3 of his like 10 alarms.. drives me nuts.

    pizza.. never had sushi… and i really have no interest in it, looks very gross to me 😡

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