An atypical Friday morning

@ Dane – The girl who was rude was K, who was hanging out with A. But I know more than one A. As well as more than one K. I tend to reuse letters due to the fact that everyone honestly just seems to have names that start with the same first letter in […]

Why am I awake again?

@ Anonymous – No, he’s not an online boyfriend. I used the term ‘friends’ very useful when it comes to A and K. They’re the two girls that I just happen to sit with in my class when J’s not around (J’s a much more interesting companion to sit with in class – for starters, […]

Delirious crafting is not fun

Thanks to everyone who wished that I get well soon. Last night, I think I went to bed at around 11pm-ish, and then woke up briefly around 4am and didn’t get back to sleep until around 6am-ish. Then I woke up again (because someone woke up me for lunch near noon). Oh, and having to […]