@ Kimm – Not including the time that it took me to run around the house trying to find a) the yarn for his little sweater, b) the stuffing, c) the eyes (I tried on three different pairs before settling on the large glassy ones) and d) the time to take photos of Barnaby, he took maybe about 45 minutes to make? This is including time that I took to go “… I can’t count” and pulling out the stitches, of course. I’m kind of challenged that way, but if you’re able to crochet and have all the materials already with you and you can count (always a nice asset!), it probably wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. He’s fairly small, he fits into my hand quite nicely (kind of like a stress ball, but I’m not going to do that to him!) so it’s not a very long project.

Last night was date night with the boyfriend. Erm, date afternoon + night, to be correct. But whatever. We met up and our first stop was 7-Eleven to get some snacks (Iced tea, Skittles, Aero – yum!). I got a tour of his house and met his dog (who was quite nice, despite being absolutely massive and had giant teeth and all) who was fairly well behaved and didn’t try to eat me alive or anything, which is always a plus when I’m meeting canines for the first time. We… talked about work, his massive video game collection, how I have watched more than 10 movies out of his collection that he has, work (… I don’t know why we always talk about work, but we do anyways, and it’s occasionally nice to get caught up on assorted work related gossip on the people that I know and don’t).

He made me tea! Which was really awesome, and I was quite pleased that the tea that he had at home was the same type that I normally drink (or else I would have declined – I’m rather picky like that). So that was nice. And, umm, dinner was, umm, interesting, I think is the politically correct word for it. Food had be hunted for and then the choices was kinda left to me. We had fries and chicken nuggets with drinks (iced tea for me, cream soda for him). I should have taken a photo, but hindsight is 20/20. That being said, I had barbecue sauce on fries for the first time ever and it was fairly good. We ate while watching this show called Guinea Pig, which was kind of disturbing because the guy was trying to get bitten by random marine animals (some kind of fish, I can’t remember the name anymore, an eel, looking for squid, etc.). Absolutely weird, hands down. But it was kind of interesting at the same time, since I do like marine wildlife.

But it was fun and plus I went home with most of the Aero (love, love, love Aero) and the rest of the Skittles. I asked if he had an elastic or something for the bag of Skittles because he’d cut the bag open. He picks up a roll of black electrical tape and proceeds to cover the entire thing while I’m staring and he hands it back to meΒ  and I’m like “…” while I’m dropping it into my bag. Luckily it comes off with no problems and the Skittles are currently next to me in a nice zipped bag, no electrical tape required. The unfortunate thing is that I can see a lot of grape ones…

And he liked his birthday gift! I did (accidentally!) leave part of his gift at home, and the other part hasn’t been bought yet, but he knows what they are, well one of them anyways. Here are some photos that I took pre-putting everything into the gift bag:

Wall-E with the card that my printer didn’t try to eat up! (I go for super simplistic at times):


View from above of Zero (from A Nightmare Before Christmas):


View from the front of Zero – I am never again embrodiering anything with yarn. Ever. Again. I redid the face on the pumpkin a million times (and have a few other pumpkins to show for it, haha):


The pattern for Zero came from Lizville (click here). Slightly tweaked pattern for the tail (I didn’t like how it turned out with the original pattern, so it got changed slightly). Also did it in the rounds instead of joining (easier for counting, I find) and I changed the pumpkin nose just slightly or else it would have been the same size as the head, and that just looked awkward).

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  1. OMG, Zero turned out so cute <3 how precious!

    Hahahaha, only a REAL man would wrap an open Skittles bag with electrical tape instead of using a rubber band XD way to go, Clay!

  2. Nightmare before christmas is my fave movie πŸ™‚ Zero is too cute …

    I was guessing 30-45 minutes but wasn’t to sure πŸ™‚

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