I’ve been kinda all-smiles today. So… I’m cheerful and overly smiley. Plus, I have marshmallows!

For my psychology lecture, we had guest speakers. We’ve been learning about addiction and how that effects people and such so for our last class on addiction, we had three guest speakers. One was addicted to alcohol and drugs from age 8 to mid-20s, one had an eating disorder for 12 years and one used to attend my school, dropped out and ended up joining a rock band and toured around and got into drugs that way (now he’s clean and working on a degree, an album and a bunch of other stuff). It was really fascinating, because it’s one thing to learn about how addiction affects people from lectures and from a textbook, but it’s another to just hear someone’s life story because it’s just so different that way and it just makes everything seem more profound.

In English lit, we watched clips from a movie called She’s the Man since it’s a modern remake of Twelfth Night (which we’ve been discussing it the past week). And we also critiqued how they changed some of the things. In the play, when Viola reveals to Orsino that she’s really a woman, he gets excited and basically goes “Great, I liked you before, but I like you better now – let’s get married!” while in the movie, when Viola reveals that she’s a girl to Duke (I guess Orsino doesn’t work well in a modern remake…), he goes “… BUT  I KISSED YOU!” in this omg, does this mean I’m gay?! sort of way. In the play, everyone’s kosher with the accidental homosexual love, in the movie, everyone’s like -jaw drops, must rinse out mind with bleach-. I mean, I haven’t seen the entire movie, but it’s not very believable. Seriously, in this day and age, if a high school cuts the girls’ soccer team, people would just protest against it instead of pretending to be a guy and playing on the boys’ soccer team. At least, I would think that’s what people would do.

But that went well. I went to volunteering for the first time in pretty much a month. The last time I had signed in was February 27th, and it’s March 27th today. All the recreational staff missed me and were wanting to know how I was. I hung up with my ‘group’ for two hours and we had tea and cookies at first then switched to pop and chips. It was really fun, very chill and it was just an overall really nice time. I knew that I missed volunteering, but it wasn’t until that I actually got there and interacted with the people that I realized how much I missed it. It’s just such a friendly atmosphere and I love it there. Besides, where else would I get the opportunity to spend time with people and hear their life stories and get asked my opinion on if their blue sock look better than their other blue sock?

And did I mention I have marshmallows? Yummy.


  1. If you were a woodland animal, what kind of animal would you be?
  2. When is the last time you’ve read anything by Shakespeare?
  3. What’s the last new-to-you movie that you’ve seen?

My answers

  1. Bunny rabbit.
  2. Today – Twelfth Night
  3. Marie Antoinette

One Response

  1. Your day sounds like all kinds of fun! It makes me miss going to class.

    1. A kind of bird so I could sing to people!
    2. Senior year of high school – Hamlet.
    3. I can’t think of one. I don’t watch movies often.

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