Today was the last day of classes (not school – just classes). There was live music in the form of bands (all Canadian ones, or so I am told), free cotton candy, free popcorn, free little carnival events. And in true Michelle-like fashion, I didn’t attend a thing. (Except for the free cotton candy. … And the free popcorn.) The live music wasn’t free (granted, only $20, but no in-and-out privileges and plus the only ‘rest rooms’ they had were blue… plasticky… ick). And, to be perfectly honest, no one else seemed to be doing anything either. Except for the axe throwing. Which is kinda fun to watch because it’s usually only the guys who do it and they try to ‘out throw’ the other guys to impress the girls watching (they’re not throwing for distance, but for accuracy – there are targets set up with giant bullseyes). But the weather wasn’t sunny this year, so there wasn’t a huge turn out. There was major cloud coverage… and plus it’s a Wednesday. Who goes and drinks alcoholic beverages in the middle of the day on a Wednesday? … Actually, on second thought, don’t answer that question.

My English lit prof did not get a standing ovation like my chemistry and biology profs did – it’s actually fairly common practice for the good professors to get a standing ovation. If they’re slightly crappy, they get a half-hearted clap or two from a few individuals who either sit at the front and mean it or at the back and just want to show the prof how much everyone disliked him/her by not having a standing ovation from everyone. My biology prof from first term got a standing ovation that went on for a very long time. But she was an excellent professor who really loved teaching and made the course very enjoyable. Hence the prolonged applause. However, my English lit class is a class of ~40 people so a standing ovation might have been a little awkward. Instead, we all chatted for the last 10 minutes before he handed back our papers (… speaking of my paper, don’t ask how well I did).

Freedom……..? I still have four finals left. Which I’ve already started studying for. Sort of. I’ve already informed volunteering people that I won’t be in next week (I have an exam on a Friday. At 7pm. I think somebody hates me.) I’ll be “officially” free on the 23rd of April (that’s a Thursday and you best believe that I’m going to be counting down!).

Questions for you

  1. If you’re currently attending school, when was your last day of classes?
  2. When is your last final exam?
  3. What are your plans for the summer term(s)?
  4. From September until now, what’s one thing that you’ve done that you’re happy with?

My answers

  1. For the term, today!
  2. April 23rd (Thursday). Whoot!
  3. Working, hopefully…? I need moneys to pay for school so next April I can be making the exact same statement about how I need to work to pay for school so I can make the same statement the year after that!
  4. Umm… Actually going out on a date with Clay? Hehe. Oh! How about not spending too much money on craft supplies? Improving my wardrobe? All very nice things. But that’s more than one.

3 Responses

  1. 1. Last Thursday! Though some people had classes until Monday.
    2. April 21st. I think it’s the last day for undergrad exams too. Ugggh.
    3. Work + school + fun. But first I need to get a job. And pass the prerequisites for the courses I want to take. But fun, it’s gonna come regardless.
    4. Just one thing? Getting into my program at school (finally). Or the perfect balance between being social life and school that I feel I maintained.

    PS – the only band really worth seeing at your end of school festivities was Tokyo Police Club. The DJ’s are good too, but the rest, not so good imo. So you didn’t miss out on much =)

  2. Haha. I CALL IT FAIRY FLOSS, not cotton candy. Will you respect that? ;p unlike other people who kept telling me it was ‘cotton candy’. I’m Australian, therefore I call it fairy floss. -_-

    Anyhow 😀 Standing ovations. I have not yet seen anything of the sort. Usually we clap at the end of a lecture, especially if it’s by the professor and not just the boring subject coordinator. xD

    1. If you’re currently attending school, when was your last day of classes?
    Well.. for uni, I’m on my mid-semester break now. It’s not really the end of term or semester.

    2. When is your last final exam?
    Haha I have no exams for my subjects this semester.

    3. What are your plans for the summer term(s)?
    It’s nearly winter.. but I plan to do some extra work in this break.

    4. From September until now, what’s one thing that you’ve done that you’re happy with?
    Hmmmm. I got into uni, after all. XD

  3. Haha, my mum, dad and brother all wear glasses. I suppose I am lucky! 😛 And my other relatives don’t have such great eyesight either XD

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