@ Heather – I’m going to be working at the same company that I’ve worked at for the last… 3 summers (… wow, has it really been that long?) I’d mention the company name, but it’s not like a nation-wide company or anything so… However, I will be doing data entry. Lots of it. Like I don’t already spend enough time on the computer, right? However, perks to knowing that I’ll be working mostly in an office setting this year means that I have an excuse to get a few pairs of dress pants and a few blouses (… I’ll budget)… (… Do I need an excuse for clothes shopping?)

Quick poll: Do you pronounce ‘data’ as ‘day-ta’ or ‘dah-ta’? My inquiring mind wants to know!

Anyways… I had my psychology final today. I woke up at a little bit after 5am, left at 6am, got to school by 7:30am. My exam was supposed to start at 8:30am, but they signed us in. Individually. Checking ids and faces and all that. The exam didn’t officially start until 9:10am. Then we got to write until 10am only (50 questions, 50 minutes). Then we had to line up and hand in our exams, getting checked off again before we were allowed to leave. My psychology prof (for second term) is paranoid, as you can tell, of cheaters. Anyone caught turning over the exam early (… there was a COVER PAGE where we had to read over, fill out the appropriate information and sign!) got their paper taken away. Anyone saying anything after the 50 minutes were up (even to ask one of the TAs something!) got their paper taken away. Only one student got their exam snatched away – after that everyone was way too paranoid to do anything much beyond filling in the bubbles and breathing.

My chemistry exam is tomorrow, so I’m just taking a break from that before getting back to studying. I’m doing some more practice problems and a practice final today, then seeing where I need (more!) work in. Oh boy. Shall see how that exam goes!

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  1. WOW. That is definitely way stricter than any of the exams I had so far (lol, remember biology? They didn’t check IDs at all, and I know for sure they don’t know all our faces :P)

    And I switch between day-ta and dah-ta … :O

  2. I say it day-arh because I have a southern british accent. *feels weird* lol

    I can’t believe you have to get up at five for an exam. That sucks. You must live miles away from uni. I have a 20 min walk to my college. 30 mins when it’s cold. That’s sucky. :/ x

  3. *pounce*

    I missed joo, Meeeechelle.
    I prounounce it dahta mostly, sometimes dayta. I like to spice it up.
    Yay for the definite employment, send it my way?

    Crazy psycho professors.
    Goodluck on your exam@

  4. Definately day-ta I don’t know anyone who says dahta!

    Wow your prof sounds way way way paranoid! In our exams they hire security guards to stand at the entrance to the sports centre.. you have to show your student ID to them as you walk in so they can check your face. Then we have to sit in exam number order.. and theres invigilators (dont think thats spelt right) walking around the whole time.

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