@ Kelsey – prior to my (yay!) cubicle dwellings, I was forced to wait for the people that I share a room with to be done with their computers. Or wait until they went off to meetings. And, obviously, that would inefficient. Last year, that’s what I did for the entire summer. Back in 2007, I had my own computer (plus I did reception, so there was that computer as well). Now I’ve got a cubicle with a massive desk, a chair that can barely move between the desk and the wall and a blank bulletin board (which lacks thumbtacks/pins). I also have a phone! Which also works! However, I have no clue what my extension is, just that there’s 7 messages on the phone and I have no clue how to check it – even though none of them would be for me. But there’s still messages! I checked in the drawers – whoever used it prior to me did not clean out their stuff. There’s lots of half-used Post-It pads, a few rolls of tape, some papers, and this weird stand thing (that holds documents up with a ruler thing).

So, I’m now a ‘cubicle goddess’, as an, erm, interesting coworker called me today – once he discovered my cubicle dwellings. Which is an interesting assessment. But people have discovered where I am in the building now, which is really fun. Especially when people go “… Michelle? Is that you?” And they have this look of “oh my cheese, is that you?” (I have no idea where I picked up “oh my cheese” from, I’m pretty sure it’s from volunteering though. It’s either cheese or ‘goodness gracious’.) Life is interesting in the form of a cubicle. Of course, tomorrow I’ll be racking up some driving experience going from Building A to B and then back to A again once before heading home. My bag is going to be full of food for tomorrow… Building B always seems to make me hungry, I have no clue what it is about that building that is so hunger-inducing.

But enough about work… It’s rather sad when I start work and all my entries start being about work. Hopefully weekend entries change that, hehe. So how has your week been so far? Work going well? School going stellar? Everything going excellent?

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  1. Ohhh Cubicle Goddess, huh? Neat! Must make you feel fancy. You didn’t answer the question of.. how are you going to decorate/add your personal touch to it?

    My week was mediocre. I’m ready for this weekend though.. lots of fun planned.

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