Wedding (!!!), work and a new fanlisting

If you haven’t yet, and you still can, go watch Grey’s Anatomy. It’s the 100th episode and the wedding that you don’t want to miss. And in other news… It’s Thursday! Which meant Grey’s night. No more Private Practice as the season finale was last week (the season finale for Grey’s is next week, it’s […]

Bored with… everything. (Sort of.)

My biology mark isn’t up yet. It’s been a little over two weeks… Granted, regular midterms take about a month just to get back to the class. But still, marks have to get in relatively soon since my school goes through academic records to hand out year standings by the end of the month. So […]

There’s never a wish better than this

@ Kristi – I probably won’t end up decorating it too much since it’s a) surrounded by random boxes of old computer parts, b) the walls [where I could pin things up] are partially covered with other documents and c) I spend a third of my time over at the other building, a third downstairs […]