My grades for this term: C+ (chemistry), B- (English literature), B+ (psychology) and… then there’s biology. Guess who got an A in biology?! My GPA for the year (September-April for 2008/2009) looks really nice now. It’s a B average and I’m really happy with it. I mean, yeah, there are some classes that I felt like I could have done better. But an A in my biology class! Which is really good since it’s one of the prerequisites classes for the program (nursing) that I want to get into. And… my average (for this term) is still in the ‘competitive’ GPA range for the program as well… So I just need to keep it up for the year (and then continue to do so, of course). I’m quite pleased though. Well, besides my chemistry grade, but a teeny tiny bit about average is better than nothing!

Ahhh, bliss. Obviously doing almost nothing beside studying actually pays off. I should do that more often, hehe. Granted, the other day S was just telling me that I had no life… Oy.

Oh, and while I was at work, I took a break just to check my grades online and I got really confused as my GPA was suddenly higher than it was yesterday, so I went scrolled down and saw my biology mark (at that point, my psychology mark wasn’t up yet). So… I ran off and told D (who was the first person that I saw). And then I go “Guess who got an A in biology!” and he goes “You are such a nerd.”, then we high-fived. And then A walked in and asked what we were talking about, so D goes “She’s a nerd, we’re celebrating”. Which garnered laughter. Then the other D walks in and D goes “Hey, guess who got an A in her biology class” and then the other D just looks at me and goes “Well… She’s small, Chinese, and wears glasses… Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?” A laughed at that and goes “Hey, you know who else is a nerd too?” D, other-D and myself kind of all just stopped and looked at A before he mentioned the person’s name, who happens to be my sweetie pie. =) Birds of a feather, I guess?

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  1. Congratulations! That REALLY is amazing. You should definitely be proud of yourself. I know I’d be dancing – Biology was my hardest subject. o.O

  2. I was poopy at biology, so congrats! I was always in the 70-percent range o.o

    I guess looking at the average really evens things out! C+ in chemistry is WAY better than what I could ever do in it. XD

  3. Hey Michelle!
    How are you? It’s been a while since we last spoke, hasn’t it? Lol.
    Congrats on the grades! I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to keep them up. 😉

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